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The AirPods vs. AirPods 2: we clear all your doubts

The new AirPods were unveiled without any special milestones before the big Apple event in late March 2019. At first glance, they look suspiciously like the old wireless headphones, beyond some minor aesthetic changes in the new charging case Wireless However, to get out of doubt we have prepared a complete review between the AirPods vs. AirPods 2, with all the new and old Apple's latest headphones.

Case with cable vs. wireless

We compare AirPods vs. AirPods 2 to contrast what was maintained and what was modified

First, the AirPods vs. charging cases Airpods 2 are practically identical. However, if you choose the wireless version (which will increase the price of the hearing aid from $ 159 to $ 199 dollars) you will notice that the LED light has moved from the inside to the front. This is so you can see the status of your AirPods when you place them on a Qi wireless charging platform, which is sold separately.

As AirPods owners know, mbar light means that it needs a charge, while green indicates that it is in a position to be used. However, you should consider that the light goes out quite quickly, so you can't just take a look. You will have to pick it up and put it back to make sure

If you don't want to change your current AirPods, but still want to use the wireless charging, you can buy the case separately for $ 79 dollars.

Similar design

Take any AirPods out of its case and see that they are exactly the same in design: the same golf club-shaped antennas that hang down and the same small black acoustic screens. Unfortunately for those who use it more intensively, Apple did not add any waterproofing, sports fins or other protective elements during any type of activity.

Regarding the playing time, the battery life is exactly the same as in 2016, with 5 hours per charge and up to 24 hours of reserve, which remains relatively impressive even two years later. However, those 5 hours represent little more than half of what you will get the latest Powerbeats headphones from Apple's Beats brand.

Similar improvements in battery life of many other wireless headphones should be made in the coming months and years. While the 5-hour playback time of the AirPods is still valid for completely wireless headphones, Apple may have slightly improved its bet.

The touch controls are also similar, although we would have loved one for the volume. Like old AirPods, a double tap allows you to play and jump forward, with more options to swap in or out of your Bluetooth settings. When you take them out it also stops, although if you are using an iPhone clearly.

When it comes to sound quality, there are also no differences between AirPods vs. Airpods 2. If you liked how old headphones sounded, it's good news for you, but those looking for more detail and definition won't find them. Unless your old AirPods are broken, you won't feel any improvement.

Changes between Airpods vs. Airpods 2

One of the main changes of the AirPod 2 is its processor, which gives it additional features and better efficiency with BluetoothRiley Young / Digital Trends

So what is different? In addition to the wireless charging case, there are changes in the chip. The H1 processor replaces the original W1, to give the new AirPods some additional features and better performance efficiency in the use of Bluetooth.

The talk time goes up from 2 to 3 hours, for example. That's useful if you like to chat or if you use your AirPods for phone calls, but that extra hour is probably not helpful for an average user.

If you like Siri, the new functionality that allows you to use the digital assistant with a simple “Hey, Siri” command, and that is also available in PowerBeats Pro. It's fast and responsive, and it's also the only way to adjust the volume without use your device, although it obviously does not work with Android devices.

Other minor updates include a faster connection time for calls and between iOS devices, less delay for games and better call quality when you're in a windy environment. Although they are nice, we would have changed most for options such as waterproofing, a safer fit for the gym, or a longer battery life.

It seems that Apple was saving those updates to help with sales to its new Powerbeats Pro, which arrive in May at a price of $ 250 dollars.

In summary…

While the faster connection and “Hey, Siri” functionality are good additions to the new Airpods 2, it is a fairly modest update in general. It will probably satisfy Apple users who are new to the wireless genre, but it won't be worth it for current AirPods owners or those who are less linked to Apple's environments. A better option might be to save your money when the new Powerbeats Pro arrive.

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