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Television makes the leap to Apple TV, iPhone and iPad thanks to Apple's new "App TV"

When Manzana released the fourth version of Apple TV many were those who could not see the future of the Apple team. A team that includes its own App Store with which we can enjoy our applications and games on the screen in our room. A Apple TV quite a long way, that just demonstrated the importance of taking the steps in the right direction without hurry but without pause.

Apple has just announced during its conference today a new application for its Apple TV called TV, with which to discover and watch movies and series from all our iOS devices.

For many of us, use apps in the Apple TV, iPhone and iPad has become the main way to watch TV

The TV app shows the user what to see next and helps him easily discover series and movies of many apps from the same site.

Eddy Cue

What can we do with the TV app?

Apple has thought about all aspects of its new TV application, and included different sections to enjoy a complete experience:

  • Watch Now:Where we can see our series and movies collection available in iTunes and apps. From Watch Now you can access Up Next or Recommended to choose what you want to see.
  • Up Next: Users can enjoy the series and movies they are watching, including the latest rentals and purchases from iTunes, all presented in the most likely viewing order. For example, when an episode ends, the next one appears automatically at the beginning of the Up Next queue, and new episodes will also be shown as available. Users can always tell Siri that they want to keep seeing something to pick it up right where they left it.
  • Recommended: Users can explore a large catalog of selected and popular series and movies, including collections chosen by Apple experts and different categories and genres, such as children, science fiction and comedy.
  • Library: Users can access their entire collection of rented or purchased iTunes movies.
  • Store: If users are looking for something new, they can look in the Store, where they will discover fantastic new content of video services that they have not yet downloaded or to which they are not subscribed, in addition to the latest news from iTunes.

If we add to our inseparable SIRI to all this and that pay TVs can be integrated into the Apple TV app, the combo is perfect.

For now the TV application will be useful in the US, but Apple (and especially users), we hope that the telecommunication companies of each country update their services to integrate into the Apple TV application. For example, Vodafone or Movistar should update and want to be on TV.

If you are as interested as we are, tell you that this new application will not be available until December, so don't go crazy looking for it in the Store…. We'll let you know when it's available!

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