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Subscription for games and applications

Google Play Pass

Some time ago we began to get the first rumors about a possible subscription service that Google was preparing. Is about Google Play Plass, from which we have obtained more data on this occasion. Thanks to the new data we can already get a clear idea of ??what the company has to offer in this field.

The company seeks to offer a kind of alternative to Apple Arcade in this regard. With Google Play Pass a fixed amount will be paid each month, which will provide access to a selected catalog of games and applications, which also provide a series of special functions that other users will not have.

According to this leak, the cost of the subscription would be $ 4.99 per month. Presumably in euros they will do the same, so that would be 4.99 euros in this case. Thanks to this payment you will have access to this subscription, where applications and games that have been carefully selected await us.

Access to paid applications

Play pass

An important detail is that the Google Play Pass subscription will not give us access to all the apps in the store. With this subscription we have access to a selected catalog of them. In the photos you can see some known as Stardew Valley, Monument Valley, Threes, Ticket to Ride, An Old?s Man Journey, Marvel?s Pinball or Life is Strange. Although we do not know if all of them will be available or not.

An important aspect in this case, which is possibly the great advantage that Google Play Pass will leave us, is that these applications and games are completely unlocked. Which means that inside them There is no advertising or shopping inside. So all of them have been adapted for this subscription in this way. A notable change, because currently most games have purchases inside. It is for many developers the most important source of income in this case.

It is mentioned that these purchases are unlocked. It's not that it's clear what this means, but many take it for granted that there will still be in-game purchases, we just won't have to pay for them. So the dynamics of the game is not altered, only payments are those that are no longer present in it. At least this is what is intuited in this case.

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Google Play Pass

Google is already doing the first tests with Google Play Pass. That is why we have been able to see these screenshots about this subscription service of the American firm. Although so far no information has been given about its possible market launch date. Presumably it will take place sometime this year, although we will have to wait for news from the American manufacturer.

Especially since users are interested know the catalog of games and applications that will be available in the same. It is another aspect of greater importance in this regard, which will make some or not make the decision to get a subscription. Depending on whether there are exclusive games or titles of great importance, then it can be determined whether it is worth paying for Google Play Pass. So far there are few concrete details about it, which raises many questions for most users on Android.

We will be attentive to news that are coming on Google Play Pass. It seems clear that companies are currently betting on the subscription model, which is working well, although for many it starts to be too much. We will have to see what Google has to offer in this case, in order to determine whether or not this subscription is worth $ 4.99 per month. What do you think about these company plans? Will it be worth it or not?

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