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Stadia Pro can be used for free during a trial period

Google Stadia promises resolution game4K, to60 fps, with HDR and 5.1 surround sound. For this we will need a connection from35 Mbps, although with lower connections we can play even inHD 720pAnd we will be able to use the games from Android phones and tablets, but also smart TVs and other platforms including desktops and laptops. All this will be offered in two modes,Stadia Pro and Stadia Base.

What is Stadia Pro, what is Stadia Base, and what Google really gives us for free

Stadia Pro is the payment method of the service, with a cost of9.99 euros a month. And this modality give us access tofree games that will be released regularly, and all the content in 4K resolution in addition to discounts for paid games that we can add to our catalog with an independent price. And Stadia Base is the free mode of the service, which will be offered only in Full HD 1080p resolution at most, without free games, without discounts and with the same paid games catalog.

While Stadia Pro arrives in November 2019, and can be booked with the Founder’s Edition package (129 euros) that includes a Chromecast Ultra, three months of service and a Stadia controller, the free Stadia Base service will be released in 2020.

Google let you try Stadia Pro for free, and also let try some games at no cost

The information they have now provided from the Mountain View company is this, which will give atest period. This means that we can accessStadia Pro without paying, but temporarily and to know if it convinces us. Exactly the same thing happens –or has it happened- with streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, or YouTube Premium.

And beyond this, they have also indicated that they will givefree access to games, also temporarily. And this is another way that users, in addition to being able to check the performance of the platform, can see for themselves if Stadia Pro and Stadia Base have a catalog that can convince them. Either to go through the payment of the monthly fee, or simply to use the free version and be encouraged to buy video games within Stadia.