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Soon you will be able to hide the responses to your tweets to filter content

twitterTwitter confirmed that it has been experimenting with a feature that allows you to hide the responses to your tweets, and now released an official release date.

The news that the company had been working on such a feature came up last month, and this week the company confirmed that it will, in effect, make it available to its users in June. However, it is good to mention that it is launched as an experiment, which means that it can be modified or even withdrawn, depending on how the Twitter community responds.

The hope is that the option of hiding answers will help people filter the offensive or irrelevant content of the threads of conversation, and thus allow a more respectful and meaningful interaction on the platform, which is often accused of giving too much freedom to trolls.

However, this feature does not come without controversy. However, TechCrunch, which informed the launch date for the first time, the function could allow those who publish a tweet to hide the informative responses that are not in accordance with their position, or even to eliminate the verified responses that have as aim to clarify the content in the main tweet or in some of the answers.

To avoid such misuse, the hidden answers will be clearly marked in the thread of the conversation, and anyone who reads the conversation can touch them to find out what they say. That is, they cannot be deleted, only hidden.

In this regard, Michelle Yasmeen Haq, Twitter Products Manager, said that people who start healthy and interesting conversations on their platform are really important for the company, so they want to give them some more control. We believe that the transparency of the answers that are hidden will allow the community to realize, and draw attention to situations in which people use the function to hide the content with which they disagree, ”he said.

We already see people trying to keep their conversations healthy by using some existing tools, but these do not always address the problem. Blocking and silencing only changes the experience of the blocker, and the reports we receive only work for content that violates our policies. ”

For his part, as a speaker at a TED event this week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that Twitter in its current form "makes it very easy to harass and abuse others," but also insisted that Its growing machine learning implementation is helping to address the problem.

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