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Solve problems with Windows Search in Windows 10 easily

Windows Search

It has been several versions that Microsoft decided to implement in its operating systems called functionality Windows Search, a method by which our operating system is able to find all kinds of files, emails, applications, etc., just by pressing the Windows button and start typing.

This functionality still valid and more important than ever in Windows 10, since it is now integrated in Cortana and it seems that it will become increasingly important, in fact, thanks to this option, searching the team was never so simple and fast.

But as often happens with any function of the operating system, andThis advanced search called Windows Search may fail at a certain time, making the searches do not return the results we are waiting for or are not able to find the information you should find, making this great option useless.

That is why Microsoft has launched an Easy Fix with which it tries to solve the most common problems, a package that we can download and run right now

Easy Fix Windows Search

Thanks to this package, We will solve the following problems:

  1. Files do not appear in search results
  2. Email does not appear in search results
  3. Search or indexing is slowing down the system
  4. Errors and problems related to searches in general

As you can see, thanks to this simple solution that Microsoft offers us, in just a few seconds we will be able to give a solution to the problems with the searches, a type of problem that when it occurs is a great nuisance and that we must solve as soon as possible to work with our team in the best possible way, so if you are suffering from any of these situations Do not hesitate to download and run the Easy Fix that Microsoft has released To try to solve this problem.

What do you think about this kind of solutions that Microsoft provides?

Easy Fix | Windows Search errors

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