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Snapchat will venture into the video game industry?

Snapchat was one of the applications that familiarized users with the current "Stories" that we see in many other competing apps. Sadly for them users have chosen to get more and more away from their platform and of course this does not please the company. This is how in the search to attract new users or obtain new accounts, they already work on a platform that allows to integrate into their application a videogame catalog without it being necessary to install anything extra on our smartphones, yes, we all read well.

The thing sounds a lot like we will have a kind of streaming service within the Snapchat application with which we can now message, upload short videos and play. The so-called Project Cognac will be presented next April 4 at an event prepared for developers and partners of Snap Inc.

The videogame catalog an is unknown, but it is known that Snapchat has invested $ 8.1 million in the Australian video game studio Prettygreat who was responsible for titles such as Jetpack Joyride or Fruit Ninja. It is also said that the company Tencent about a year ago acquired 10 percent of the shares listed on the Snap Inc. stock exchange. and is related to companies like Riot Games – League of Legends – or Supercell – Clash of Clans so we could have content included in these videogames as well.

We certainly do not know if this is the best success for the application to revive and get the users it requires, but hey, let's make the attempt. Attentive to April 4 because surely be something interesting to see.

T what do you think of the Snapchat proposal? Are you an app user? Give us your opinion in the comment box.

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