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Snapchat launches a completely redesigned application for Android

snapchat app android samsungFrustrated by the Snapchat app for Android? We have good news. As surely many in the Snapchat community can confirm, the application has always been difficult to use, causing frustration and discomfort among users for its slow and faulty performance. But it seems that, as of this week, that was in the past. Snap Inc. announced the launch of a new, completely redesigned Snapchat application for Android.

Having repeatedly tried to fix the Android version of the application through continuous updates, the Snapchat developer team finally realized that problems could only be solved by completely rebuilding the software.

While the user interface remains largely the same, the experience of using Snapchat should now be much more enjoyable, starting with the opening of the application 20% faster than the previous version. The fluid slippage and faster loading times of the various Snapchat functions should also be remarkable.

Snap's developer team told Android Police that one of the main challenges was to build the application to work smoothly on most Android devices, not just the most advanced phones. Since there are a lot of different Android devices, it proved to be a complex task, although the Snapchat team believes that more than a year of work on the project has finally paid off.

"Our ideal goal was for people to really not realize that the application is actually completely changed, except that everything should be much faster," said a Snapchat executive, Jacob Andreou.

Interestingly, the team added that now that the new version of Snapchat for Android has been released, it is possible that future features will be found in Google's mobile operating system before reaching iOS, which reverses the usual routine.

The launch of the reconstructed Android application comes several days after Snap announced a series of alliances with other companies to incorporate Snapchat features, such as Stories, in other applications, as well as new camera features and its first original game, called Bitmoji Party

Snap Inc. figures published earlier this year revealed that the application had 186 million daily users during the last three months of 2018, exactly the same number as the previous quarter. After two consecutive quarters of decline in the Snapchat user base, this is largely attributed to a widespread redesign of the application's user interface launched in early 2018, in addition to the poor usability for Android platforms.

Now, the Los Angeles-based company expects the new Android application to attract new users, as it seeks to further strengthen its presence and business in 2019.

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