Smash others with your car made by yourself in Machaca Minecraft Cars

Minecraft is used here as the “engine” on which MachacaCoches has been created. A title for Android the sea of ​​fun and that has some more than outstanding points to stand out in the Google Play Store.

We talked about his best points such as that Minecraft touch that always grabs a lot of attention in the visual, which you can make your own vehicles and the competition in real time against other players who will test their own designs. A very Minecraft game that comes to become a fun multiplayer to play.

Build your own vehicle to destroy those of others

MachacaCars is a very fun game by creating your own vehicle and go for others in the sand. A multiplayer title in which it will simply be victorious that your car continues to run while the rest have been left for drag after being run over and hit by the rest.

Competing in MachacaCars

A title very “Minecraft” in the visual and in the engine with those cubes and those characters with big heads. For fans of the game created by Mojang it will be more than interesting and fun to have a good time bumping into everyone.

MachacaCars in Android

In MachacaCars they have not forgotten the physics of objects and your car can be reduced to the chassis so that you lose the front, wheels and other items that you will acquire. The truth is that it is quite funny to see our vehicle without a wheel trying to avoid the rest that comes to them.

MachacaCars and their sand

MachacaCars puts the accent in the manufacture of your vehicle with an editor in which you can put the chassis yourself and then add wheels, front and other series of elements that will help you with the driving of the vehicle, stability and the ability to turn at high speeds.

Making the car

Here the thing is to build a sturdy vehicle, but that too get enough speed to do the maximum damage possible in every onslaught we give. When we enter the arena we will have to be very skilled at the wheel to take the necessary speed and thus hit right and left. It is what scores the most and what will do more damage to the rest of the vehicles so that little by little it costs them more to drive.


MachacaCoches also allows us to form a clan to so join us in the Clan Wars and that allow us to get another set of rewards to progress faster. It is a multiplayer game and they have put everything to make you feel part of a community. And that we talked about is in its early days in the Play Store, so do not waste time and bring your colleagues.

A game to try

The truth is that here we have vitiated Minecraft a lot, hoping we are already in Minecraft Earth, and have such a game brings us pleasant memories but with the extra go riding in our car. We put the accent back on some of his animations and how well object physics is curved so that fun moments are generated with those blows.

Competition list

A game that technically has been quite successful and that is visually based on the world of Minecraft. Highlight customization when manufacturing vehicles and speed that our cars can take when we use the turbo. A careful game that wants to attract the attention of thousands of players. Surely they will have it in a short time.