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Share music legally with BitTorrent Now

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The name and concept of BitTorrent always evokes the shadow of the pirate, but there are changes and news regarding the company. The last steps taken follow another path, and that is that the company has been working and performing contacts with other companies that rely on the same peer-to-peer technology to download legally.

The new BitTorrent recently released is now a music and video streaming platform aimed primarily at independent artists, those who want to make their way in a difficult field.

Download and install BitTorrent Now

You can download it from Google Play. Once located you can install it as usual, it only occupies 9.77 MB and the version that is available is v1.0.7 (June 23). As only requirement is only necessary have Android 5.0 or higher.

bittorrent new download

Can Sign in with Google, Facebook, or an email.

How does BitTorrent New work?

As we have said now the new turn taken by the company and the concept is radically different. A great BitTorrent content part now be free, but some of the releases will be supported by ads or will require the payment to access them.

Artists can set a minimum price for your content, but you can pay more if you consider it, so that the artist can feel supported by his work. What we have found is Some error when we select topics of some artists and we want to reproduce them, but it is normal in this first version, we have to give the opportunity that they can gradually solve some errors.

When you open the application at the top you will find three eyelashes that you can browse. They refer to the Recommended music, the most listened to and the artists you can follow and share with other users

use bittorrent

All Torrent parts of BitTorrent are transparent to the user. The application (Android now, soon iOS) or the website opens and you will be ready to listen to music streaming. In the future, BitTorrent may include more content such as VR.

If you want to know more about music applications on your Android device, we recommend reading the following articles: Automatically re-mix your music with Splyce, download YouTube music on your Android with Videoder or play your favorite music lists with Qus-Listen.

Now it's your turn to try BitTorrent Now and tell us how was your experience with the application, it seems very interesting to us as a concept. If you know other alternatives of this style we invite you to share them With everyone.

BitTorrent Now | Google Play

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