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Save time with the best clothes dryers on the market

Our analyzers have formally tested 93 devices of more than 50 different brands. We have also completed informal tests on dozens of kitchen appliances and appliances. Based on approximately 10,000 hours of testing, as well as additional research, our best dryer choice is the Electrolux EFME627UIW. We show you the best clothes dryers on the market.

The best dryer

Electrolux EFME627UIW best clothes dryers electrolux efme627uiw 640x640

Why do we choose the Electrolux EFME627UIW? Although you may not have endless cycles, the perfect Electrolux front-loading steam dryer with predictive drying and instant soda offers many ways to dry your clothes, or simply to cool, disinfect, or rid of allergens. Sometimes it is not good that there is an overwhelming amount of cycles; People generally opt for the "normal" option and will vary the temperature according to what is drying. But this Electrolux has some aspects that you should pay attention to, such as the elimination of allergens (which increases heat to eliminate expensive dust), a quick drying of 15 minutes (for small loads) and the soda function (which ventilate the clothes that are clean).

The buttons next to a Nest type dial allow you to increase the steam to eliminate wrinkles and static load, as well as change the duration, temperature and speed of rotation. Inside the drum, the sensors keep track of how wet your clothes are, so they don't dry out too much or damage the fabric. Electrolux also offers an impressive 10-year engine warranty.

This dryer of approximately 220 liters of capacity is undoubtedly a luxury appliance, with a price range that is up to par, but instead offers space, steam and elimination of germs. And if you want to be true to the brand, its complementary washing machine, the EFLS627UIW, is also an excellent machine.

The best high capacity dryer

Maytag MEDB955FC

best clothes dryers maytag mgdb855dc 640x640

Why do we choose the Maytag MEDB955FC? With about 260 liters of capacity, the Maytag dryer can dry a lot of clothes, but it also offers space to turn; It also has an additional inner fin, so that the clothes do not cake while it dries. It also offers functions such as PowerDry and Advanced Moisture Sensing to dry your clothes in the fastest and most uniform way possible.

It offers 10 drying cycles, including one for touch-ups, another that uses steam to cool underused clothing and the disinfection cycle eliminates 99.9 percent of the three most common bacteria in the home. You can also control the temperature, drying level and wrinkle settings. There is even an air-only configuration for cases where you want to air the fluff without heat. If you do not want to ruin your cycles (especially since it is a fairly expensive machine), there is an energy saving button that prolongs the drying time but reduces heat.

If you usually accumulate clothing until it reaches the dimensions of a mountain, the Maytag dryer will be up to the task.

The best dual dryer

Samsung FlexDry

best clothes dryers best dryers samsung flexdry 640x640

Why do we choose the Samsung FlexDry? There is no way to prevent the Samsung FlexDry from being large and expensive. But its additional volume is for its dedicated Delicate Dryer space, an area at the top where you can place sweaters and other items that you normally don't put in the dryer. This Samsung model allows you to leave the drum open for traditional loads and take advantage of the hot air to dry stuffed animals or delicate clothes taking advantage of the hot air from the central drum.

In addition to the upper compartment of a cubic foot, the drum has 6.1 cubic feet of space. There are lots of cycles, which include disinfection options and a specific one for bedding. By using steam, you can increase the versatility of the machine with wrinkle and soda fighting cycles. The FlexDry also works with the Samsung Smart Home application, so you can see if your load has finished without having to go down to the basement. If you have any items that refuses to throw in the dryer, this appliance can change the washing day for you.

The best smart dryer

LG DLEX9000V large capacity steam dryer

best clothes dryers best dryers lg dlex9000v lifestyle 640x640

Why do we choose the LG TurboSteam Mega Capacity dryer? Not only do you pay for intelligence in this expensive LG dryer, but also for its design: with its 14 cycles, it has different ways to dry clothes or make a quick soda with steam. It also offers disinfection options if you want your clothes free of germs. It even has a cycle that allows you to disinfect items that cannot be washed.

What makes her so smart? The dryer has Wi-Fi connection and has a compatible application that can help diagnose any problem that arises. You can also take advantage of LG Smart Grid function to save you a little money electricity is cheaper. Of course, let you know when your clothes are dry.

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