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Review of second generation Apple AirPods headphones



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AirPods are simple, elegant and still the best choice for Apple fans.

The good

    Easy synchronization Simple and elegant design Wireless charging Solid connection Easy access to Siri

The bad

    They are not water resistant. Wireless case costs more.



The updated Apple AirPods arrived with little fanfare and with only minimal improvements. The question is: is that Apple's latest wireless devices offer enough updates to keep up with the growing number of competitors?

It seems that we are in the era in which the devices are minimally updated in comparison to their predecessors. At the end of 2018, Google gave us an ?update? of its Chromecast HD that represented little more than a new layer of paint and an increase of $ 5 dollars. Months later, and after years of speculation about new fitness tracking, waterproofing and even health monitoring features, Apple has offered a basic update to its popular AirPods headphones, which does not include any of those expected features.

The improvements we see in the new AirPods include more talk time (three hours instead of two), faster access to Siri, and a wireless charging case that costs an additional $ 40. While these changes will be well received by many of Apple's most loyal users, for those who are still undecided, there are a number of other wireless options that include more features, better battery life and complete waterproofing, which should be enough to remove the most recent AirPods from their list of candidates. Anyway, Apple headphones have their own. We tried them for a few days and this is what you can expect.

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One thing that fortunately has not changed with the last AirPods is the extremely easy installation that characterizes Apple devices, which surpasses all competitors in the market when it comes to simplicity. Simply open the case, locate the new AirPods next to your iPhone, and voila! Once paired, they will appear automatically on any of your Apple devices connected to iCloud.

For all other non-Apple phones, you must make the pairing by opening the charging case (keeping the AirPods inside) and holding the small button on the back, but it's still quite simple. Once you see the flashing LED light, simply select them from your phone's Bluetooth settings.

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There is no denying that Apple knows how to make a beautiful package. We were impressed not only with the look and feel of the white and shiny AirPods when opening the box, but also how compact the charging case is.

Within the small package you will find only the case with the AirPods, some basic instructions (with an incredibly small letter) and a Lightning cable for the charging case. If you have chosen the $ 199 wireless charging version, you will need your own Qi charging platform.

The only visible difference between the old AirPods and this new model is the wireless charging case with the LED light in front.


The only visible difference between the old AirPods and this new model is the wireless charging case with the LED light in front. This allows you to see the charging status when the case is placed on a Qi loading platform. The small box offers the same amount of cargo almost three years ago, offering up to 24 hours, which still exceeds most of the competitors.

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Unlike Samsung Galaxy Buds, you cannot load the Apple case from your phone. And while Samsung's cheaper Galaxy Buds offer less charging time on the reservation, they outperform the AirPods with 6 hours of listening time per charge, compared to the same 5 hours that Apple offered in 2016.