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Resea: The Predator | Tecnocat

Original title: The PredatorAo: 2018nationality: U.SCategory: ActionClassification: B15Duration: 107 minActors: Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Trevante Rhodes, Alfie Allen, Jane Thomas, Keegan-Michael Key, Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay.Directors: Shane Black


Now, the world's deadliest hunters are stronger, smarter and more deadly than ever, they have been perfected genetically with DNA from other species. When a boy accidentally causes his return to Earth, only a diverse team of former soldiers and an irritated science teacher can prevent the extinction of the human race.

What do you see in this movie?

In this shoot you will find action with a history very basic As is the case in the whole saga, the predator arrives on earth and that is when the chaos begins, we will see characters with a well-defined personality, scientists and soldiers who will be involved in the action. We will also see the typical predator with dragons, as defined, that apparently have not undergone any changes since the first filming of this saga. In this film we will also see scenes with a degree of explicit violence that surely the fans of the saga will thank too much. We will see bodies fly through the air, characters explode and how could not missing each predator delivery, we will also see blood, that s the effects are not good enough as we would expect for a movie 2018 but in spite of everything we consider that it fulfills.

For whom is the film recommended?

Being a movie rating B15 It is recommended for over 15 years who have no problems with implicit violence, so we recommend that you do not take the smallest of the house since this film is certainly not for them. It should be noted that the film is absolutely recommended for fans and non-fans of Predator.

Rating: 9.0

We believe that the film does meet the expectations of fans of the saga, since it still retains the same basic and explicit history that every good fan looks for. That is what we considered that in a matter of effects we would have liked the Predator to offer us a bit ms.Something that is much appreciated and for that reason it takes more points to shoot, it is the simple reason that although you have not seen the previous tapes of Predator, you will immediately grab the thread to the story without any problem. It should be noted that the rating is granted under the team's criteria Tecnocat, so we recommend that you do not bother if you do not agree with us.

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