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Redmi 8, can you launch this year? Your specifications appear in TENNA

The Redmi brand is known for being the Xiaomi brand dedicated to launching devices with more accessible prices without neglecting the technical characteristics. The Redmi Note 7 was this year the phone that has succeeded the brand in the mid-range and due to this it is certain that it will have a successor.

Recently in TENNA – telecommunications association in China – Some images and features have been leaked that yes, they dictate that we could have closer to what we think of a new Redmi device and this would be the Redmi 8.

As you can see the device will be changing a bit in terms of design, but yes, the most remarkable we will have inside. The model M1909C3IC mentioned in the TENNA will be carrying an octa-core processor – which manufacturer is not specified -, as for the RAM and storage we will have 3 variants with 2/3/4 GB and 16/32/64 GB respectively.

Of course, what is really surprising is that the battery will again give a jump focusing now on the 5000 mAh that will make these Redmi continue to be distinguished by batteries that hold up enough for day to day.

If it was launched before the end of the year, they will be getting ahead well if we put on the scale that the Redmi Note 7 was launched less than a year ago. What do you think? Would it be a success or a failure of Xiaomi? In case they are already taking out a new terminal almost every week, I read you in the comment box.

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