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Optimize your hard drive to the maximum in Windows 10 with this free portable software


One of the great forgotten when talking about the performance of our team is usually the hard driveIn fact, most users worry about having a good processor and enough RAM, all of which is necessary, but they ignore the fact that the hard drive is a really fundamental piece of performance, like these previous two.

Being like that, cleaning and optimization of the hard disk is something really necessary and an action that we must carry out from time to time, thus eliminating unnecessary remains of the operating system and applications and allowing the computer to access the disk more quickly and correctly, which translates into speed and performance.

That is why today we will meet HDCleaner 2016, a free software, valid for Windows 10, portable and therefore we will run without installation and with which we can tune up our hard drive, thus carrying out maintenance tasks in a very simple and fast way.

HDCleaner2 2016

HDCleaner 2016

As we can see in the screenshots we have left you, we can perform different types of cleaning and optimize the disk in different ways, as well as other very interesting options, such as obtaining great information related to this area or even defragmenting options.

Among the options we find, we see the usual and most necessary, for example, registry cleaning, removal of duplicate files, manager to uninstall software, etc., that is, a series of tools that try to leave our album as the first day and with the lowest volume of trash possible.

Thus, Do not hesitate to try this good option to improve the performance of your computer through the optimization and cleaning of the hard disk, that hardware so forgotten many times and how necessary it is for the proper functioning of our equipment.

HDCleaner 2016 | Download portable version

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