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Movie review: Venom | Tecnocat

Original title: VenomAo: 2018nationality: U.SCategory: ActionClassification: BDuration: 112 minutesActors: Reid Scott, Scott Haze, Michelle Williams, Tom Hardy, Riz AhmedDirectors: Ruben Fleischer


This time one of the most enigmatic, complex and violent characters of Marvel arrives on the big screen played by Tom Hardy, actor nominated for an Academy Award, as the protective mortar Venom.

What do you see in this movie?

In this film we will not see the evil Venom as the mortuary and cruel character that we are accustomed to seeing, this time the shoot captures the essence of Venom as a protective mortuary that at the same time will make you laugh with its simple but well achieved dialogue. In addition, you also saw a movie full of great action and well-made effects that your sight will surely be very grateful for. I should warn you not to expect an evil and cruel Venom that wants to destroy the earth and that damages everything that is put in front of it , since this time you will run into a villain who eventually turns out to be the hero of the film, putting a happy ending to everything.

For whom is the film recommended?

The wig is classification B what you mean is suitable for over 12 years of age. I assure you that taking your teenage children to see Venom be the best decision you make since the content will surely be to your liking, by just as they will not only see action since the film usually becomes magical in some aspects. On the other hand I suggest that you do not take the smallest of the house as it is not a classification suitable for them since it contains some scenes of violence.

Rating: 9.0

We consider that the film does comply with quality effects and a well-established script, on the other hand it does not reach the score of 10, since it is not a film that caught you from the first minute, that does not mean that it becomes boring or uninteresting, in fact although the story did not catch you from the beginning completely, it is doing it as the movie progresses.In the same way we consider that the film is not something that a Venom sper fan would be expected, but leaving that aside If we can say that it is a well-made shoot, taking into account the ending that will leave you intrigued that next year we will see Mortuary Venom once again with new scary characters. Finally I highlight that the rating is granted under the Tecnocat team criteria, so we recommend that you do not bother if you do not agree with us.

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