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Millions of Instagram passwords were exposed

instagram top nineIf you have an Instagram account you must immediately change your password. Facebook Inc. announced that millions of users more than it had reported a few weeks ago were affected by a security period, which publicly exposed the login data. Facebook said in its blog that it now estimates that "millions" of Instagram users were affected by the error, rather than the "tens of thousands" they originally reported.

What happened is that a failure in Facebook software aimed at hiding user passwords left millions of passwords visible to network employees. In an initial report in March, the company said the error was discovered in a routine review in January and has since been corrected. The error exposed user passwords on Facebook, Facebook Lite and Instagram.

Facebook states that it has not found any evidence that the information has been externally compromised, but that the error only exposed plain text passwords for company employees. In addition, he states that it was not discovered that none of the internal employees took advantage of the situation. However, the company did not say why it took almost two months to notify users after they found the error in January, and even more, why they did not reveal the exact figures in their first report, which now reflects millions more of compromised accounts .

The way in which this social network handles the personal information of the users seems to be secure: passwords on Facebook are intended to be encrypted, and the network removes the characters, allowing the system to recognize the correct password without storing the data in plain text. For employees who work on Facebook's internal information system, passwords should be viewed as characters that cannot be reversed to show the passwords numbers or letters. However, that was not the case and the real passwords were exposed.

Facebook said to continue notifying users affected by this error. The company estimates that hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users (the lightweight Facebook application designed for slower connections) were affected. Tens of millions of other Facebook users may also have compromised passwords, along with so many millions of Instagram users.

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