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Marketing actions on Facebook Messenger that you should consider

Marketing actions on Facebook Messenger that brands should consider

Within the world of messaging platforms that are currently available to brands, Facebook Messenger is one that can be highlighted alongside others such as WhatsApp, data referred by Hootsuite that this title had until 2018 the title of the mobile app with more downloads and for its part, Statista indicates that it has at least 1.3 billion active monthly users. The advantage of the brands that adopt it is the low level of competition they can find in this channel, because, again, Hootsuite says that only 31 percent of the businesses use the platform. That is why in this post we will see some recommendations for the development of some marketing actions on Facebook Messenger that can be of great help for brands and companies.

Marketing actions on Facebook Messenger

According to Larry Kim, founder and CTO of the firm WordStream, these are some of the best marketing actions on Facebook Messenger that brands can currently develop:

  • Send chat blast to community members

For those who still do not know, a blast chat or the blasting chat is the act of sending mass messages to all the contacts present in a list for Messenger, this can also be generated for segmented audiences. An example of its operation would be to send the last blog post of the company to the contact list in order to obtain better results in terms of traffic.

The main advantage that highlights a chat blast and is considered an effective action for marketing on Facebook Messenger is that with this you can achieve an opening rate of up to 80 percent, much better than what you can get with the Campaigns goes email. The good news is that practically everything that is sent from an email campaign can also be sent from Messenger and there is even a good opportunity to excel since less than one percent of companies, according to MobileMonkey figures, use the platform to interact with users.

The only requirement to achieve this first action is to have a platform that allows sending messages in bulk, that is, to all contacts.

  • Use chatbots to conduct surveys

Know the opinions of consumers about the brand or receive feedback about a product or any other aspect can be of great help to implement improvements and drive results. With this recommendation for marketing on Facebook Messenger, the idea is to take advantage of the platform as a new way to get that feedback from customers.

For this, a chatbot can be of great help in the management of this process, as shared by the expert, a chatbot for surveys allows you to send these materials to the client after having completed some process, such as downloading, buying, registering , etc.

In addition, it stands out that from Facebook Messenger it is possible to get double, and even triple conversions, that with other methods, such as pop-up surveys or those that arrive, email is sent. This is because it is an easier process to complete, just press the screen until completing the survey from an app that people already use too often.

  • Equip bots to manage complete purchases

In addition to surveys, bots can help with other actions. As a third recommendation for marketing on Facebook Messenger, it is recommended to equip this technology with the ability to manage purchases.

The action is convenient because consumers prefer to contact the macas through online chats, they are increasingly quick to do so, and the desktop apps can be more convenient and faster for this process.

The idea here is to equip the Messenger chatbot to take orders or complete purchases without customers having to leave the application. Thus it is possible to increase the conversion rate for the brand or company.

Applications of this can work for a variety of businesses, for example, Larry Kim says that a firm called 1 800 Flowers works with a chatbot that allows customers to order flowers or talk to a customer service representative. With your bot you can add the receiver's name and address and this has made the process easier and faster.

  • Send diverse content

Fourth is the development of content marketing on Facebook Messenger. The idea is to use the platform for content distribution, only that unlike in a chat blasting (described in the first point) the idea is to work with materials or simpler content, for example, by sending an inspirational phrase, some tips related to the business of the brand or company, among others.