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Lens, possibly the most minimalist launcher that exists

Lens Launcher for Android

Android customization is a factor that all users like. Either for aesthetics or for convenience, adapting the interface of our smartphone to our needs and tastes is something that is always appreciated.

Apart from the numerous applications of wallpapers or icons that we have, There are the well-known launchers, which allow us to modify the Android interface and add some extra features, such as gesture control.

In the landscape of the launchers we have many alternatives, some as well known as Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher or GO Launcher, and others that offer us something radically different. Anyway, there are for all tastes and for all types of users.

However, there are users who simply look for simplicity. They are supporters of a launcher that shows them things quickly and does not require major complications. That is the purpose it fulfills the launcher that we are going to bring you this time, a commitment to minimalism and little else.

A launcher for those who don't want to get complicated

On this occasion we bring you an application called Lens Launcher, which, as the name implies, is an ms launcher for Android. However, this one stands out for the absence of extra functions, since he only wants to bet on the most extreme minimalism.

Lens Launcher offers us a single screen that will show all the applications that we have installed in some tiny icons. This is a launcher that won one of the Android Experiments awards, and the truth is that it is not for less. It is very curious to use it.

catches Lens Launcher

As you run your finger through the applications, the part we press will expand as if it were a magnifying glass, and therefore it will be easier for us to click on an icon to open an application. And that's it, this is basically the use this launcher has.

Fortunately, In the settings menu we can calibrate certain parameters, such as the size of the icons, the color, the animations … But all without leaving too much of the script and offering nothing to the user. Simplicity and more simplicity.

Google Play | Lens launcher

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