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It is now possible to easily activate the Dark Mode of Facebook Messenger

dark mode facebook messenger dark modeThe 'Dark Mode ’ Facebook Messenger is officially available worldwide, which allows all its users to more comfortably use the messenger application in low light situations.

The social network announced that it now offers more direct access to this function, so activating it is very simple. You just have to touch your profile picture in Messenger to access the settings, and there you see an option to Dark mode, which allows you to change the background of the chat screen from white to black.

Facebook initially launched Dark Mode for Messenger six weeks ago, but decided to keep it out of the settings menu, and instead offered a "fun" way to activate it. This unusual way involved sending the crescent emoji to anyone, be it a contact, a chat bot or even yourself. By doing so, you could see a “rain of moons” on the screen of your smart phone, followed by a pop-up window that indicated that the feature was now available. If you are interested in seeing it, you can still use this way to activate it.

According to the Messenger product blog, Dark Mode provides a lower brightness but maintains contrast and vitality, while helping to reduce the brightness of your phone's screen when using the application in low light. In addition, it has been reported that dark mode for applications also helps prolong battery life on devices.

This seems to be a function that is being required and well received by users, as a number of other high profile applications have recently added a dark mode option, including YouTube, Twitter and Google News, and the message and call platform WhatsApp, owned by Facebook.For its part, iOS offers an option to configure the entire system that allows you to invert the colors of the screen. You can find it in Settings> General> Accessibility> Display Accommodations> Invert Colors, and mark where it says Smart inverter. This has the effect of inverting all colors, except images, videos, and some applications that already use dark colors. Beyond the phones, MacOS and Windows 10 also offer an option for darker screens, or filters to block the blue light damage.

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