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Interactive stories on your Apple TV with iBooks StoryTime

Technology evolves EVERYTHING it touches. First they were the computers, the mobiles, the cameras of cameras, the purses, etc… and now Apple has just updated to the “storytellers” that in their time were put near the chimney thanks to a new application for Apple TV called iBooks StoryTime . A way for children to have fun, while learning new things with different interactive stories.

In this way the Apple TV and the TV screen assume the role of chimney, allowing the little ones to choose the story they want from an extensive catalog, where parents can read with their children and go through pages with the control of the Apple TV . This new application of interactive stories also includes the possibility of automatically telling stories to children thanks to their function Read Aloud A system that automates the narration so much, underlines what it is reading and turns the page, in the same way as if it were a Karaoke.

How iBooks StoryTime interactive stories for Apple TV work

  1. We open the iBooks StoryTime application on our Apple TV
  2. We swipe up on the Apple TV remote to see the menu
  3. We select the book of the menu that we want to download, or we see a sample of it.
  4. If the book is free, just click on download, if on the contrary it is paid, we will need to use our Apple ID
  5. Once downloaded we can start reading and see our story on the screen.

Apple has managed to update the experience of «Storytelling», creating interactive stories with sound effects that help maintain the interest and curiosity of the little ones who will learn while having fun thanks to Apple TV.

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