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How to use Swipe Type on iOS 13 even on an old iPhone

Apple has released the public beta of iOS 13 for iPhone phones. A version that brings a lot of news, such as the Dark Mode that has become so fashionable, or the possibility of adding shortcuts to Siri, use an email address when you sign up for an application or write messages by sliding. This last function was highly anticipated, since Android users have been using it for years. In case you want to try it, then we tell you how to use Swipe Type on iOS 13 and how you can do it on an old iPhone.

how to use Swipe Type on iOS 13

For those who do not know this application, sliding writing allows you to drag your finger across the keyboard, instead of touching each key one by one. The keyboard brain then orders the rest, deducing the word you were typing and inserting it into your message. If you are clear that you want to try this new utility, before you will have to download iOS 13, following the steps that we explain in this other article.


how to use Swipe Type on iOS 13

So how is Swipe Type activated? This is the good news: it is not necessary. The write-by-slide feature is enabled by default in iOS 13, and you don't need to dive into your settings to change anything. All you have to do to start sliding is … Start to slide. Place a finger on the screen and drag it through the letters of the word you want to write. Therefore, if you want to type “play”, press the “p” key and then drag your finger on the “l”, “a” and “y” keys in that order. The keyboard predict the word you are typing.

The advantage of writing by sliding is that, in general, it is much faster than the successive press of each key. Once you have learned the technique, you will find yourself sliding the sentences in record time. The disadvantage is that slip writing may be less accurate than normal writing, but there are ways to fix it. After swiping, the keyboard offers up to three options for your word, so you can tap to select the one you want. Or if the center prediction is correct, start sliding the next word to select it automatically.

The predictions will be more accurate the longer you use the keyboard, but if you are using unusual words, you probably need to type them. However, you can switch between touching and swiping at any time, and there is no need to modify any settings to change.


how to use Swipe Type on iOS 13

But even in Apple's closed system, you don't need to keep the default iOS 13 keyboard. If you're a fan of third-party keyboards, you may be able to use the sliding keyboard in many of the best apps in iPhone keyboard. You will have to check the function on each keyboard to be sure, but two notable examples that do include handwriting are the Google Gboard keyboard and the SwiftKey keyboard. Both applications have the sliding write function enabled by default, so you can start sliding directly from the beginning.

However, the most interesting thing is that the ability to install a third-party keyboard with sliding writing does not mean that you cannot access this function if you are not able to install iOS 13. The ability to use third-party keyboards was introduced in iOS 11, So any iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 11 or iOS 12 can experience this type of writing with a third-party keyboard. You just can't use slide writing with Apple's default keyboard, which probably isn't a big deal.

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