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How to speed up facial unlocking on the Huawei P20

The most recent batch of terminals Huawei they are the terminals of the family Huawei P20, which have a differentiating characteristic that thanks to their power, they are able to differentiate themselves from the competition, said characteristic is the facial unlocking system.

If you own a Huawei P20 and have this feature configured, when you turn on the screen you can directly see the desktop of your terminal, but this process can be further accelerated with simple adjustments. This facial unlocking process starts when the power button is pressed and we activate the screen, and thanks to the smart assistant that counts the P20 we can accelerate this part.

To accelerate this facial unlocking process, it is to turn on the screen when the terminal is lifted, a simple action that will allow us to gain a little more time without pressing the power button, and something we can do as follows:

  • We go to Settings
  • We open the Smart Assistance option
  • We choose the option of Control Movements> Lift
  • We mark the option Activate the device

With this simple action, when you lift the Huawei P20 the screen will turn on and if you are looking, the terminal will be unlocked directly.

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