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How to silence a person's stories on Instagram

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<p><strong>It's been a while since Instagram introduced the mute function</strong>. Thanks to this function it is possible to silence contacts, so that we will not see their publications on the social network. But without stopping following these people. A function that users liked very much in the popular application. Thanks to her we can also silence stories.</p><div class=

So if someone you follow on Instagram uploads many stories, which are not of your interest, you can bet to silence them. This allows these stories never to appear in the feed, but without having to stop following this person on the social network. Very comfortable therefore.

The way in which to do this is identical to that of silencing a contact. Only in this case, we will choose to silence your Instagram stories, which is what we are not interested in seeing in this case. A feature that has also been introduced on Facebook, which also allows you to mute stories.

Mute on Instagram

We have to get in in some publication of this person in the social network. Next, click on the icon of the three vertical dots, located in the upper right part of the screen. We will then get a menu on the screen, where we find several options.

One of them is to silence, on which we have to press. Then, Instagram is going to ask us if we want to silence all the posts in this account or if we want to silence the stories too. In this specific case we are interested in silencing the stories. So we click on this option.

In this way, we will stop seeing the stories of this person on Instagram. We are not going to leave more when we enter the application, along with the other account stories that we follow. So we will be able to forget them at all times.

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