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How to remove an old phone from Google Play Store

Google Play

It's very probable that After a while, change your Android phone. In this new smartphone you will use the same Google account that you already had in the other one, since it is the most comfortable. Although when downloading applications on Google Play we have to be careful. Since we can download applications to the old phone by mistake, since the two devices come out in the account.

This means that we have to remove said old phone from Google Play. A common problem, which many users do not know very well how they should solve. It is something simple to achieve, which we will tell you next. So you can remove it from the account in a few steps.

The idea is to leave only the phone we use is associated with the account. If it is the case that you use two Android phones associated with an account, you must leave these phones on it, in order to download applications or games directly on them. In all cases, the steps we have to follow will be the same.

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Remove old phone from Google Play

This function is somewhat limited today. Since technique we can not remove said phone from our Google Play account. What we are going to do is that Stop showing when we go to download applications From the official store. In addition, all those Android phones or tablets that we have not used in the last year will be automatically deleted. So we simply have to wait for this to happen, stop using that device. Although the process is very simple, we can do it on the phone or on the computer.

Delete phone

Google Play devices

If we want to delete this phone, we will use the computer better in this case. In the browser in it, we will access the Google Play Store, in this link. Inside the application store, click on the gear icon in the upper right, which will give us access to the configuration of our account in it.

Next we are inside the configuration, where we have several options. One of the sections in it is that of My devices, which is what interests us. Here we can see all the phones or tablets that are associated with our account. Then we have to use the visibility function, to mark or unmark those devices that we do not want to show when we download applications from Google Play. Therefore, the old telephone uncheck it.

In this way we have "removed" the account. When we go to download an app from the official store, we will see that this device will not come out anymore. If you try to download an app immediately after doing this, your phone may still come out. The change may take a couple of minutes. to be done.

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Google Play Rename

Something that you have surely noticed is that the names of the phones shown on Google Play They are not the model names. This makes it difficult to download an app on the correct device. If you want, there is the possibility of giving them proper names. So you can use the model name as such, for example, to make it much simpler to download an app or game in it.

Within the section of my devices we can edit their name. In the list where the phones come out, we have the right the edit option. Pressing on it will give us the possibility of giving it a name that is simpler to recognize at all times. So, when we have to download something from the store, it will be much easier for us and we will not download it to the wrong phone. When we have changed the name, we have to click on update, so that this change will be made.

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