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How to make a worksheet? Updated

Cover page How to make a worksheet?

Usually the worksheets are managed to archive and organize research of the works what we do from research. The use of files greatly facilitates the reduction of time in the consultation of work done previously.

And it is to make a record the right way help when you need to find information. And this time I will show you how to make an optimal work sheet through this article.

How to make a worksheet?

How to make a worksheetGenerally, work sheets are made on sheets or cards.

The job listings They are usually made with cardboard, of the average letter size. These files help us make textual quotes, analysis, summaries with comments and many other things. Here is the way to create your worksheet:

  1. The main thing is to have a paper or cardboard of the size you want To make your file. Remember that the chips can be made the size and shape you want.
  2. ,, above the tab and below the main theme, you put the sub-theme (optional) in smaller letters.
  3. Below the subtopic starting from the left side we put the author's information (name and surname).
  4. Under the author’s information, we put the content of the theme that we will use in our worksheet.
  5. And finally, at the bottom of the content as an option you can add the reference.

The information we provide on how to make a worksheet is by way of example, You can place the information on the form the way you want.

In the worksheets you can add the most important information, the data of a worker or the most relevant information of an executive. As for example, email, phone number, etc.

How to make a worksheet in Word?

How to make a worksheetDo you want to remember important information? Use the worksheets for that.

The job listings they serve to remember a relevant informationIt also offers the possibility of carrying out a self-evaluation using them in a didactic way. One of the easiest ways on how to make job listings is through Word.

Steps to make a worksheet in Word

  1. The first thing is start the word program We usually find the cone on the desktop, if not, press the Start button and find Word in the option All programs.
  2. In Word we press the Page Layout option, press on Size and select Letter (the size is 21.59 cm by 27.94 cm).
  3. The work area will be reduced and will have the size of a file.
  4. Once this procedure is done, You can start to make your worksheet by adding the most important data. You can highlight the text, change the font or size.
  5. Once the file is finished, to save it you must select File, then Save as and put the name you want.

How to make a bibliographic work sheet?

How to make a worksheetBibliographic work sheets are extremely useful. Know how to make them.

These types of bibliographic worksheets are used to make documents that we can use to save information to identify a manual, a book or some other written document. In this way you will be able to create your own bibliographic record:

  1. The common thing is to make this type of chips on a sheet or cardboard 12 cm by 20 cm approximately.
  2. Now, you will add the most relevant information in the file, starting with the title of the book.
  3. Then you will place the following information from top to bottom: Name of the writer, Name of the publisher, Year of publication, number of edition of the book, main theme of the book, and optionally you can add the number of pages.

This type of bibliographic record is very comfortable to make, since you can add all the information with the same letter, without changing the size.

How to make a file of a research paper?

How to make a worksheetThis way you can do your research work sheet.

When carrying out some type of research work for studies, for work or personal needs, the main thing is to obtain bibliographic data that relates to the content, but sometimes we forget so much information and for that reason we create tokens.

Instruction to create a research worksheet

The investigation worksheet procedure It is a system that you can use to collect the most significant information from websites, countless amount of books, etc. And you will manage to do so:

  1. After obtaining a paper or cardboard of the size that we want for our file, I must emphasize that The research work sheets do not have a specific workmanship.
  2. In the file the first thing we are going to add is a title or heading that leads by title something related to the topic you are going to deal with.
  3. The next step is add the author's information, we put the name in lowercase letters and the last name in maysculas.
  4. The next it can be to add a subtitle that has as a reference the main title (You can add it if it is a translation, it is optional).
  5. Add the quantity or number of pages where the inquiry is located (example The house of the forest pages 12 and 13).
  6. Finally, you can add a reference of the place where you found the subject of the information added to the file.

How to make a worksheet for children?

How to make a worksheetMake worksheets for children this way.

These types of cards are the ones that your son, nephews or the youngest of the house are going to do or are going to do mostly, but in case you should do one at home, Here I teach you how to make a worksheet for children.

  1. The first step is collect sources from where you will acquire research.
  2. Now, you will capture the most important ideas of the subject, such as the title, then the subtitle and finally the relevant information as name of the author, year of the publisher, the number of the page, name of the book and finally the summary of the subject.
  3. The title is placed in the header of the file preferably centered. We add the subtitle and the review of the information in the left part below the main title.
  4. And at the bottom we end by adding the theme summary What are we trying

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