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How to block a phone number on Android: All ways

Android calls

Unfortunately, there is always some phone number that calls us and we find it annoying. Or that at a certain time we do not want to have contact with a certain person. In these situations, we have the possibility to block a phone number on Android. It can be a person we have in the phone book or just a phone number that has called us.

The process to follow is quite simple, that we can carry out or on the agenda in Android or from the phone app. So in both ways we can block someone on our smartphone. This means that said phone number cannot call or send SMS messages.

In this way, if at any given time you have to block an unknown contact or phone number, too easy. We show you the two ways you can use in that case, to avoid these problems on your smartphone. The steps may vary from one brand to another, since each layer can have an intermediate step, although they are always similar. So you will not have problems when completing this process on your smartphone.

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Lock from phone app on Android

Block phone number

It may be the case that said phone number is from someone unknown or that you just didn't have it saved in your calendar. But you want this number to not be able to call you more, such as a company that wants to sell you something or a person you don't want to talk to. In that case, from the phone application itself on Android we can block this number.

You have to open the application on Android first and find this phone number in the call log of the same. When we have found it, we have to make a long press on it. Doing this will result in a series of options, including blocking this phone or adding it to the blacklist, which is the same in this case.

In some Android phones, instead of holding down, there is a kind of options button or we have to resort to the menu in the phone app. Inside the menu we find the function of blocking, where we can add the phone number in question, to avoid being bothered.

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Block from the contacts application

Block Android contact

On the other hand, it may happen that this person is in our contacts. In that case, in addition to resorting to the previous option, we can block this person from the contacts application on our Android phone. It requires a couple of steps, but it is not at all complicated to do so.

We have to open the contacts application on the phone first. Next, we have to look for this person in the list of contacts we have in the agenda. When we have found it, click on its name to enter the profile page of this contact. We have to use the menu option or more, depending on the Android version. There we find the option of add this person to the blacklist, which is the same as blocking it. With these steps the process has been completed and that person is already blocked.

We can repeat the process with all the people we want. It is not something that is a problem at any time. So it is really easy to achieve and thus be able to block those people who bother us or who we do not want to contact anymore under any circumstances. Our Android phone creates this blacklist, which means that if this person tries to call us, he will not be able to. The SMS messages that are sent are not displayed, but there is a “spam” tray so to speak, in which all of them are sent. But we do not receive any notification when someone sends us this type of message.

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