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How to be the Netflix Narcos series video game

If you didn't miss a single chapter of the seriesNarcosOn Netflix, the story continues. How? In a way that you might not expect. If you want to know everything about the Netflix Narcos series video game, you just have to keep reading.


Yes, that's right, the story continues, somehow, in the form of a video game. As we have known, the British firm Curve Digital has announced its plans to adapt the popular series that unveils the world of drug trafficking in a video game that will be presented in the market in 2019. Specifically, it will be presented at the end of year, both in PC version and for the different consoles.


From what we have been able to know, in the adventure we should star in the role of an agent of the DEA facing the almighty Medellin cartel in a game that, according to its creators, be of strategy but with a brutal action.

Curve Digital has commissioned the development of the game to Kuju Entertainment, a firm that creates versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and as we have advanced, also for PC.


Does Curve Digital sound to you? If not, we remind you that it is the firm responsible for titles such as Thomas was Alone Ollioli or The swapper, while Kuju has to his credit games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance or Pokmon Art Academy.

They have not transcended more details of the game except a teaser and some statements from Kuju to Variety, where its developers explain that working with Narcos It has been a great experience in which we have been able to create incredible stories and great gaming experiences.

It should be remembered that, beyond the game, the saga continues with the fourth season, Narcos: Mexico,that will be released in a few days and that will definitely dazzle the lovers of the series. The series is currently being broadcast in about 130 countries around the world, sweeping many of them, as in the United States. As soon as we have more details about the video game – beyond this inaugural trailer – we will let you know.

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