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How to activate the dark mode in iOS 13 on your iPhone

Apple's iOS 13 system is publicly available in beta form, and you can enjoy it for yourself if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch that supports it. But the installation of this new version of the brilliant operating system is only the beginning of the adventure: there are a lot of new features included in Apple's latest mobile operating system, but one of the most desired features is a simple color change. The dark mode is one of the most anticipated additions to iOS: we detail how to activate the dark mode in iOS 13.

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Exactly what is the "dark mode"? Although you may think that it is just a simple change of colors, it is something with much more scope than this. In basic terms, it is a color change in your phone's operating system, replacing traditional iOS light backgrounds with a darker tone, which results in the iPhone screen being less bright. As such, it is the perfect way for the night, when you don't want a bright white theme to bother you in the dark.

Google has long been supporting Dark Mode in its applications and Android Q is configured to support this mode to the entire system; iOS 13, meanwhile, will do the same. With this step, you can activate the mode not only the theme of the system, but also in all Apple's own applications and the third compatible applications.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this mode does not reduce the dreaded blue light. It is said that the body reacts to the blue light of the phone screen in the same way that it reacts to sunlight, and exposure can affect your ability to sleep properly. Only a blue light filter will reduce the mentioned blue light.


It's easy to start with Dark Mode in iOS 13: go to the app Configuration, then click on Screen and Brightness. Apple has made Dark Mode immediately apparent under the heading Appearance, and you can quickly choose between Clear or Dark Touching any of the images. The change will happen immediately and if you go to one of Apple's applications, such as Safari, you should see that the browser has acquired a darker tone.


Do you want to wear a clear theme during the day, but switch to a darker theme when the sun sets? There is no need to access the configuration every night to achieve it: it can be configured automatically so that the change is made at the right time.

To configure this, return to the dark mode setting by touching Configuration > Screen and brightness. Then activate the power switch Automatic to activate automatic switching. The default mode is Dusk to Dawn by default, and you can change it by touching the Options field below the auto switch. In this way, the dark mode will be activated when the sun sets, as determined by your GPS location. Otherwise, you can press Custom Programming to set your own Dark Mode schedule.


Did you know that certain iOS 13 wallpapers can react to dark mode? It is a small change, but fun. To set a dynamic wallpaper that changes color, go to Configuration, then press on Wallpapers > Choose a new wallpaper > Fixed images. The wallpapers that react to Dark Mode changes are marked with a small circle divided into two parts in the lower right, and have a dividing line in the center of the image to show the changes you see.

If you prefer to keep your own custom wallpaper, go back to the Wallpaper options and change the Dark Wallpaper option. While your wallpaper does not change in the dark mode, it will dim slightly so the lighter areas will not dazzle you while the Dark Mode is active.

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