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Grab an iPhone in full flight and in the middle of an attraction

Mobile attraction

There are things that only happen once in a lifetime. That the handsome boy of the Institute notices you, that the lottery touches you or that take an iPhone on the fly in a roller coaster. The latter is what happened to Samuel Kempf, a young man from New Zealand who has become famous in recent days thanks to this funny story.

Everything happened in a well-known attraction of Port Aventura, an amusement park located in a province of Spain. At a time of attraction, an iPhone X flew away with the good fortune of Samuel's good, by the way showing some amazing reflexes, I grabbed it in full flight and at more than 100 km / h.

Of course the owner of the phone did nothing but thank Samuel for this gesture, not in vain he had saved more than 1,000 dollars spent on a new iPhone – unless he chose the iPhone XR, the best-selling phone of 2019-. And although luckily the story ended in a happy ending, the moral of this whole story must be another.

Be careful: losing your electronic device is the order of the day

Actually the iPhone user committed great recklessness. Not only because of the fact of climbing with a telephone to an attraction that reaches up to 134 km / h, but also for not keeping it properly while enjoying the attraction. Losing him would have been the least What would have happened if the phone had impacted on someone's face?

What this guy should have done is be more foresight. If you are going to an amusement park, take something where you can store your mobile phone. A rionera, a backpack or zippered pockets. He could even have left it to some partner or friend before boarding the attraction. Hopefully at least I wouldn't have taken it out to take a selfie in the middle of the attraction …

And we have reached a point where both smartphones and other technology products are another end of our body – carrying them on continuously – and that is why we must protect them properly. Not only for the cost that these products have, if not also for the security incidents that may occur . The iPhone accident ended in laughter, but it could have ended much worse.

Airpod broom

Also a few days ago we told you how the New York subways were flooded with Apple AirPods, which was causing many of the paths to be altered to rescue them. So many people were losing their wireless headphones throughout the day, that the metro organization itself was considering creating personalized announcements to warn users that they were more careful with their devices to alter the normal functioning of the trains.

Definitely, do not be an idiot. If you are going to enter an amusement park, store your smartphone, protect it and of course do not take it out in the middle of an attraction. The same with the AirPods, if you are going to enter the subway, be careful and do not get too close to it when it comes to putting them on, they are small and you can drop them. Of course, do not risk your life by trying to recover them – or any other device. They are common sense advice although in view of the latest news … seems to be the least common of the senses.

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