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Google Pay will have facial recognition soon

Google Pay

Google Pay has been evolving with a firm step in the market, recently incorporating compatibility with new banks in Spain. In addition, from Google work on new functions They will incorporate into your application. They have been able to discover a couple of them now officially, which give us an idea of ​​what to expect from the application.

The new features that promise to arrive soon to Google Pay are the less interesting. Since on the one hand we can expect incognito mode, which is gaining a lot of presence these months, in addition to support for facial recognition. Two functions that surely like a lot.

Incognito mode in Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay

In Google I / O 2019 it was announced that the incognito mode was going to reach Android applications such as Google Maps. It seems that the next step for the American company is also enter it in your payment application. Since it has been seen that they work in the incorporation of this mode for Google Pay. Although at the moment nothing is known about the way in which this function will work in the application. It is something that generates doubts, but that at the moment cannot be resolved.

Possibly the idea of ​​the company is that Some transactions will not be shown in the payment history. So if the user wants there to be an operation he has done in Google Pay, he will not be able to see it, this would be the way to do it. A simple way to hide some transactions or payments, without deleting them from the history. It is an assumption that could be true if we know the operation of the app, but that has not yet been demonstrated.

Facial recognition

Google Pay

Google Pay

A news that comes after the renewed facial recognition of Google Pixel 4 is announced. The payment application sand prepare now for support For this function, which is certainly something that many users will see with good eyes. Until now, the fingerprint sensor was supported in Google Pay, but the description of the function is now updated with biometric identification, such as your face or your fingerprint.

So it is likely to be updated with the facial recognition system that the Pixel 4 will have. A system that promises to be of importance to Google. The new functions have already been seen in the APK of version 2.94.259479103 of Google Pay. We have no dates to launch them, for now.

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