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Google keyboard stickers reach WhatsApp officially

The way we communicate has changed a lot in recent years. We have gone from writing emails and using chat apps to almost everything is done with messaging applications, especially WhatsApp.

In addition, the language itself has incorporated new elements such as emoticons or emojis and, more recently, stickers.

These stickers have been standardized and integrated into a multitude of apps, such as keyboards. In fact, one of the most advantageous is Gboard, the Google keyboard. In its last update WhatsApp allows you to send stickers directly from the keyboard, no need to download the packs of your section.

Send stickers on WhatsApp from the keyboard

To send the stickers directly from Gboard, what we have to do is go to the section of the keyboard where these elements are. We have to choose the smiley face icon on white since black is for the integration of Bitmoji.

When we are using the keyboard and select this option we can put any stickers from the sticker packs that are there, or add new ones by clicking on the + icon in the upper right corner of the keyboard. In addition, we can search for words the stickers we need.

Bitmoji stickers look smaller

Bitmoji before / Bitmoji now

The side effect of this integration is that the Bitmoji stickers that are now sent in WhatsApp are smaller when sent as stickers and not as images that are as they were sent before.

Personally I think this is a bug, but it is normal that the different stickers have been modified so that they are always sent in the same way and with the same size.

The WhatsApp update that activates this option has already reached the users who have it installed from the Google Play Store but if this is not your case, you can try to install the beta.

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