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Google Drive stopped syncing with Google Photos

google photos drive separationIt is impossible to keep all our photographs stored on our phones or computers, so cloud storage services have become a necessity for most digital users. However, when companies make changes, we must adapt, and that is what users of the Google ecosystem will have to do.

After the company announced that it wants to simplify how Google Drive and Google Photos work together, the changes have already been implemented. That essentially means that Google Photos stopped syncing with Drive.

For many, the fact that Google Photos was able to automatically synchronize with Google Drive was one of their favorite features, as it allowed simultaneous and immediate coordination, and a much easier photo organization. However, the company said that this change avoided some confusion.

According to Google, these new functions aim to help "avoid accidental deletion of images in various products." In other words, it seems that some users were confused about the fact that, by deleting the copy of a photo in Google Photos, the image was also deleted from Drive, and vice versa.

How to sync your photos?

Despite the fact that the photos are no longer automatically synchronized between the two platforms, the two services still work together to some extent, and there are other ways to organize and protect your photographs. For this, Google announced a feature called “Upload from Drive, which allows you to manually select the photos and videos you want to import and save in Google Photos. Once the images are uploaded, the files will not connect, so you can delete the file in one service without deleting it in the other. It is recommended that you delete the copies, because if the file is stored in high quality resolution, count against your Google Drive storage capacity.

In addition, the Backup and Sync function will continue to work on both Windows and Mac, so if you are used to storing your photos locally on your device and then synchronizing them with Google Drive or Google Photos, you can still do it. These functions allow you to upload photos in high or original quality. Keep in mind that high quality photos will not count for storage on Google Drive, although original quality photos are.

The truth is that you will not have to worry much about this change that continues to unfold retroactively. Google says that existing photos and videos will still be in both Google Photos and Google Drive, but the Google Photos folder in Drive is no longer automatically updated.

The change was not totally unexpected. As we have informed you, previously there were reports that Google planned to separate the integration of Photos and Drive, in an effort to clear up any confusion regarding the two services.

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