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Google Assistant will replace voice search

Google Assistant

The voice search came to Android a few years ago, and has been gaining presence in many applications. But for a while now, Google has its attention on Google Assistant. We can see how the assistant is gaining presence in the operating system and its applications. That is why the firm's plans happen because The wizard replaces voice search.

In fact, these plans have already begun. The company works on replacing voice search with Google Assistant. A change that partly makes sense, if we take into account your current strategy. Although it is possible that many users will not like anything.

Some users are already with this change. The Voice Search icon has been replaced by the Google Assistant icon. Also, the message from Di OK Google has gone on to say ask the assistant. So we can use the wizard in these types of situations.

Google Assistant voice searches

Somehow, it's a change that could be seen coming. The company is strongly committed to the assistant, with many new functions underway, in addition to a new interface. Although voice search is something that has been known to do with a gap for many Android users, they may not be very happy.

Therefore, we will have to wait to see when the firm plans to make this change. There are some users who already have Google Assistant instead of voice search. So at least there are tests underway, as can be seen. It is something that could be official shortly, with the arrival of Android Q to the market.

In any case we will be attentive to news in this regard. Since it promises to be a notable change for the American company and for users on Android. Although it coincides with the growing presence of Google Assistant in the market and in Google applications and services.

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