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Games you can complete by watching ads, the latest freemium madness

One of the Android games that I have put more hours into has been to Alto’s Adventure. A game that was only free at the beginning, with a couple of unlockable items if you got free money in the game. Then the ads came in, just like it happened with Alto’s Odyssey, its sequel.

How has been my dislike and disappointment when I discovered that if you want, you can get all the collectibles of the game Just watching ads. Yes, you are reading well. And it is not the first case I see. Therefore, I will make a reflection on the why and the consequences of the advertising right now is more important than the game itself on Android

Really, Noodlecake?

Complete Android games with ads only: the latest freemium madness

One of the characteristics of Alto’s Odyssey is its workshop. As in the first installment, you can review this kind of store and acquire certain items that improve the gaming experience. Obviously, the ones that make you advance in the game cost more expensive, and if you want to get them with just the currency of the game, you will have to spend a significant number of hours.

For this they offer a coin bender at a reasonable price, in addition to coin packs. We already make it clear that we do not like the decision to return freemium This game on Android, but it was well done and there was no complaint. Until now.

Complete Android games with ads only: the latest freemium madness

Obviously, as in every game freemium, to encourage this progress and that the player does not get bored if he does not want to put a hard, Alto’s offers to see ads in return of 500 coins. A figure that is a minutiae, and is a good boost if you want to access certain improvements. But you can buy it Everytime you want.

Thanks to this, just watching ads, I have unlocked all the game items and improved the ones already available. I repeat: Just watching advertising. When I wanted to realize after a while, I had everything bought and the progressive missions have been super simple. They didn't cost me anything, since let's say I was «Cheated» at the highest level from the beginning.

Goodbye to fun, hello to addiction

Complete Android games with ads only: the latest freemium madness

Call me crazy, but the key to play is to have fun. I understand that many developers need income, they are not playing games for the love of art. But part of the "magic" of developing video games … is that people have fun. And although I support making things easier for a few seconds of my time, the fact that we can complete these titles just by watching ads seems crazy to me.

Because where is the fun then? Couldn't those ads be used on a limited and temporary basis? We would hook more to our audience and not only that, but we would encourage the player to try a little harder in the case of needing enough money for an improvement within the game.

Complete Android games with ads only: the latest freemium madness

And everything is based on money, I know. These annoying ads are like that because they give significant sums of money. The fact that you have to see them obligatorily so as not to lose the reward makes you inevitably know the game and that inevitably scratches some downloads.

But it has been seen that this more than a fact, is a virus that pushes many games. We barely have titles that focus exclusively on entertaining, but in engaging with an easy concept and that, or consume payment services, or simply see advertising.

The freemium It's not bad as long as it's not the center of everything

We already made it clear: the level of benefits of the Google Play Store is infinitely lower than that of the Apple App Store. There you can publish paid apps without problem, as they will be hosted. Here it is preferred to throw by the way of the famous and hated freemium. That is, the game is free but a large part of its paid content.

I don't think it's a bad strategy. Android is a free system, and unlike iOS, almost all of our apps are free. We are very anxious to pay online, in case I see this financing method logical. The problem comes when the game is not freemium, is freemium With some play.

Complete Android games with ads only: the latest freemium madness

If your game is based solely and exclusively on making the user spend money or see advertising with a silly somewhat addictive concept, the game loses enough quality so that no more than a couple of games are kept on your mobile. At least it happens to me. It's a game moment of this class and getting fed up, uninstalling the game in the process.

Why? Because many users want the games just to play, and that's it. If you are always hindering your game with ads and overwhelming the player who loosen the wallet, the player is frustrated by the high levels of hours he has to spend for the game to evolve and in the end results in an atrocious fatigue.

The worst is that this tonic is extended to the highest level. It is already rare to find a real free game or at least not have an advertising or freemium intrusive, but rather the opposite. This makes the quality of the games lose bellows and we are destined to have mediocre games that only seek to get us the rooms.

Therefore, I end this post saying that, although these cases in which you can complete a game by watching ads are few, if they extend, soon Android games will make little sense: it will only be one more way to see advertising in droves to get a fun time And it is obvious that nobody likes advertising. Let's not get to that, or playing on Android will, ironically, be a bore.

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