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Game of Thrones just 5 months after its outcome

It's been a while since HBO caught a lot of inveterate fans of the books of George R. R. Martin with the adaptation live action of Game of Thrones. Season after season and death after death that does not allow you to become fond of any character (except one or another) the fantastic community of the series grew and grew to reach this point where the eighth and last season is around the corner corner.

A few more months passed between filming and production, but HBO finally lets us know what to be on April of the year 2019 When that season comes.

Will there be fewer chapters?

That's right, the outcome will take place in slo 6 chapters Compared to the previous seasons, but rest assured that this does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy so much since according to data that escaped them, some of these 6 will last at least 80 minutes

As if that were not enough, in an attempt to raise the hype for the HBO series, he revealed a new teaser of approximately one minute in which, although we only see images from previous seasons, he fulfills his task with the following sentence:

Every battle. Every betrayal. Each alliance. Every danger. Every fight. Every sacrifice. Every oath. Every death. All for the throne.

In the words of the creators, they ensure that the spectators will enjoy the greatest battle seen until today doing justice to the phrase the best always comes at the end.

So you already know friends of Tecnocat, if they are fans start preparing these 5 months because they will surely witness something incredible. Take advantage of this time and why not, start the marathons with the previous seasons. Without more for the moment do not forget to leave your opinion in the comments.

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