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Free movies will come to YouTube.

Streaming today represents an entertainment center of the most used globally, if not the most used. Too many companies have decided to enter this world and launch their platform, such as Disney, DC Cmics and even our favorite video social network, YouTube.

The latter has dedicated itself over time to improve in this area, having already in its catalog premium some original series and several movies that can be bought or rented as the viewer wants.

Taking into account that more and more we are stuck to Youtube and that through the Smart TVs We have access to the web. The company of Google take a step that will suppose in the best case an increase in the visits to the catalog of films.

Classic movies for free with interleaved ads

You have to put strong emphasis on the word classic, which means that You can't see Avengers Infinity War at least for now. Some of the titles will be Legally Blonde, Terminator, Predator and in a few words, films that are already quite a few years old (which does not take away my mind because they are mostly good) according to AdAge information.

We still do not know how many ads a movie could contain and we can infer that they will be less than if you saw it on open television, but especially at the time you want it is the best. Keep in mind that we are not putting other streaming chains in the equation that are also an important factor.

In my opinion If YouTube decides at some point to have a catalog of recent movies with this format, it will make many scream in the sky. We all like the free despite eating the occasional ad or not? Comment that you think this feature to arrive soon.

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