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Free applications that were previously paid, describe them as soon as possible

He doesn't like us on Tuesdays, especially when it's the eve of a holiday. Aroma of Friday, rest in the middle of the week … And, how could it be otherwise, we also collect the best apps and games on offer to offer you quality entertainment on your smartphone. Ready for free applications?

All apps and games collected offer the offer indicated at the time of publishing this article. Being punctual discounts sooner or later will recover their original price; So you must hurry up and download all the software before that happens. Go get him!

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

If you have arrived here you will know that we always highlight other offers that, despite not being free, do have a succulent discount. This week we found the following games, all at a great price.

Asmodee Digital games

This developer has put her catalog on offer so that you download to your mobile a huge collection of games with great discounts. The sales are around 60%, all about high quality games and very well valued.


A classic RPG as alone Square enix He knows how to develop and adapt to Android. Long, intense and with a story at the level of a console game. If you have not played it, never take advantage: it is cut in half.

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