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Fortnite for Android appears on video on a Galaxy S9 +

Perhaps one of the sensations of summer is that of Fortnite for Android. This is one of the games of the moment, and there were rumors about whether it would end up being an exclusive for Samsung. One day before the presentation we can see its operation on video.

This is how Fortnite works on Android

In XDA Developers they have gained exclusive access to what for many is the game of the year. We talked about Fortnite, a game that consists of leaving us on an island with 99 other players with a single objective. The last one standing wins.

It was rumored that Fortnite would be presented alongside the Galaxy Note 9 in a supposed temporary exclusive, although for now there is nothing confirmed. In XDA Developers they have been able to try a leaked APK of Fortnite on a Galaxy S9 +, which leads us to think that if in the end there was a certain exclusive, it would not be only with the Galaxy Note 9, but for more Samsung devices.

The user who has been able to test it on his Galaxy S9 + indicates that he has been able to play with the maximum graphic settings of the mobile version, being able to improve the performance with Samsung Game Tuner.

On the other hand, it is also striking that the application will have integration with the Galaxy Apps, so it could be available in Samsung's own store even though it will not be available on Google Play.

For the rest, in XDA they have tried to make the game work on a Google Pixel 2 XL, as well as an Essential Phone without much success.

Upgrade: The gameplay has also been seen on a OnePlus 6 and a Razer Phone, showing its performance on two of the most powerful phones on the market. Here are the videos:

The game runs in epic quality on both devices, and at a maximum frame rate of 30 fps per second. It will remain to see what power will be needed to run Fortnite at an appropriate playability.

If you are root, you will not be able to play Fortnite

As a curiosity, if you are a fan of having root or the bootloader unlocked, we have bad news for you. Apparently, if you have root, unlocked bootloader, ROM, ADB or any method that skips SafetyNet restrictions the game will prevent you from playing.

Not only that, but the game itself warns you that skipping this security measure could have a permanent ban on your account, so you'll have to be careful.

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