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Flashlight apps for Android abuse users

Avast, the renowned company dedicated to computer security, has been analyzing theflashlight applications. And you have found that, on average, these apps request25 permits of our devices. They have analyzed nothing less than937 apps of this type, and all of them have been or are still in the Google Play Store. Therisk What these apps mean for the security of our smart phones, according to what they have proven, is really high.

According to the study carried out by Avast, of these 937 applications were found408 flashlight apps that ask for 10 or less permits, 267 that request between 11 and 49 and another 262 flashlight applications that request between 50 and 77 permissions of our device. But what kind of permits do you request? This same analysis shows that, beyond asking flash access permission, which is what they need to function properly, they also ask record audio of our microphone or even read the contacts calendar full.

Beware of flashlight apps, most can spy on you

Of all the applications analyzed, Avast has found that77 apps they have access tomicrophone of the mobile, so they can record audio. Another 180 apps can see our contacts in full, and even create them, and most of them request permissions far beyond what they really need. Developers have access to a lot of data about us, but not just them. Also its partners that allow the economic exploitation of these apps with ads.

The flashlight apps that require more permissions

The list provided by Avast, the following, includes the10 flashlight apps whatms permissions They ask users. And it is worrying because in this list there are applications that even exceed themillion of downloads. All of them have been downloaded and installed on more than 100,000 occasions by users around the world, and some exceed both 500,000 downloads and one million, and are still available in the Google Play Store.

  1. Ultra Color Flashlight
  2. Super bright flashlight
  3. Flashlight plus
  4. Brightest LED Flashlight – Multi LED & SOS Mode
  5. Fun Flashlight SOS Mode & Multi LED
  6. Super Flashlight LED & Morse Code
  7. Flashlight – Brightest Flash Light
  8. Flashlight for Samsung
  9. Flashlight -Brightest LED Light & CallFlash
  10. Free Flashlight – Brightest LED, Call Screen

Eastabuse, in the application for permits, it highlights the risks that continue to exist for users of Android mobile devices. Even the simplest apps have it really easy to collect user information requesting permissions that obviously do not need to function normally.

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