First layer news confirmed


A couple of days ago that EMUI 10 submission date revealed, the new version of the Huawei customization layer. A new version that will be based on Android Q. We have not had to wait long to know some of the news we can expect in this new version of the layer. So we can get an idea.

EMUI 10 will be a layer that opts to continue the line of the previous ones, like 9.1 that is currently being deployed to Huawei phones. So the design would not bring too many changes, but at the level of functions we could see certain novelties of interest in it.

There are several aspects that we can expect from EMUI 10. On the one hand, a quick configuration panel, where you can change some aspects easily. In addition, the permissions of applications and services have also been reviewed. The introduction or improvement of intelligent responses is also confirmed.

EMUI 9.1

In addition, it seems that Huawei has managed to take the lead in Google in one aspect. Since we can expect phones they will have a full gestural navigation, which is what Google has been trying to achieve on Android for a while now. While we will have a dark mode throughout the system. We can also share WiFi using a QR code.

In short, we can see that EMUI 10 will leave us with a series of interesting news. Surely there are more changes on your part, so that we can know soon what other functions are going to present to us in this new layer. What is clear is that in some fields they take the lead to Google.

August 9 should finally be official EMUI 10. So we have four weeks left until we know everything about this layer of the Chinese brand. Possibly Huawei will tell us more. Also to know which phones are going to have access to it, which will be the ones that update to Android Q.

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