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Find here the best horror and suspense series

Whether you like horror movies or not, the truth is that this little of the year is the perfect excuse for those who enjoy this genre snuggle on the couch with some popcorn and ready for a good scare. However, given the amount of programming now available, sometimes a movie is not enough, a complete series is needed. If you don't settle for enjoying some classic like The Great Pumpkin with Charlie Brown, and you really enjoy the suspense and terror, here we present some horror series that are already available to watch streaming and that will leave you the creeps. And if you can't sleep later, don't blame us.


This series received a great acceptance of viewers, professional critics, and even the incomparable horror genius Stephen King. The first season of 10 episodes of this Netflix series, which King calls "almost a masterpiece," should be the first on your list. It is a new modern version of the novel of the same name by writer Shirley Jackson, and tells the story of five brothers who live briefly in a haunted house. After a family tragedy, the adult brothers meet with their father to face the demons, which exist both inside the house and in their own minds. Haunting of Hill House offers more than just shocks or blood, but a deeper content, so it is not surprising that this series has a 92 percent score on RottenTomatoes.



This dark version of Sabrina Spellman, the teenage witch of the Archie Comics universe, promises more than the typical spells surrounding a high school girl who is actually half a witch. The supernatural drama, starring Kiernan Shipka and serving as a complementary series of Riverdale, features spooky events such as satanic rituals and battles with overwhelming evil forces. It opens on October 26, so you can start watching the first season just in time for Halloween.



stranger thingss

Even if you've already seen the first two full seasons of this sci-fi and horror series, located in the 80s, many think it's worth seeing again to celebrate this spooky holiday. With children and young people who fade to appear in a spooky strange dimension, paranormal and supernatural events, a girl with psychochemical skills mysteriously appearing in a small town, and a terrifying creature called Demogorgon from an odd alternative dimension, Stranger Things has all the elements You need for a perfect night of suspense.



As any fan of this AMC series will tell you, it is not about zombies, but about humanity's struggle to survive in extreme circumstances. That said, each episode of the post-apocalyptic horror series, which is currently broadcasting its ninth season, contains a great deal of violence, blood, brutal deaths, and dismemberment that will make you tremble, in addition to zombies in various states of horrific decline. It is definitely not for weak stomachs.



Being that it is a series of anthologies, you will get a fresh and independent history with each season, with eight to choose so far. The good thing is that this gives you the opportunity to decide if you want to start from the beginning, or choose which story suits your mood, and thus enjoy performances by renowned guest actors, such as Evan Peters, Dylan McDermott, Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, and even Lady Gaga. With murders, obsessions, follies and strange spectacles, there is something that fills all kinds of appetite for emotion and suspense.



Developed by Aaron Mahnke, the creator of the popular podcast of the same name, this series of horror anthologies follows a unique story in each episode. With two seasons and 12 episodes under his belt, he combines cinematic scenes and documentary footage to add a level of realism to the horrible stories. Each one takes place in a different period of time and analyzes topics ranging from zombies to werewolves, a haunted grimace, ghosts and witchcraft. The second season debut on October 19.


Ash vs. Evil Dead

best horror series ashvsevil dead best

Although it was canceled after three seasons, you can still combine the comedy-horror sequel with the original cult classic. Bruce Campbell retakes his role in the series as Ashley J. Williams, whose favorite weapon against the walking dead includes a clipped shotgun and a chainsaw attached to his forearm. Although the fans asked for the Starz show to return, Campbell confirmed that he is retiring from the role. However, there are still 30 episodes soaked with blood that are worth watching.



best horror series stan against evil

The IFC comedy / horror series has been renewed for a third season, but while it premieres you can watch the first two seasons of 16 episodes. Located in New Hampshire, a small city built at the site of a massive witch-burning event, it is not surprising that the region is obsessed with spirits, witches and demons of all kinds who seek revenge on the people who took them out. The former sheriff and his replacement come together to fight against supernatural beings, facing terrible trauma at all times.



In a fictional city on the Norwegian arctic island of Svalbard, strange deaths, including one allegedly caused by an exotic parasite that has managed to survive thousands of years on the ice, plague a seemingly quiet community. The British psychological thriller, which originally aired on Sky Atlantic in 2013 and features Dennis Quaid and Stanley Tucci in his cast, has 22 episodes that are already available by streaming. Once you see them, you can keep the momentum after Halloween with a third and last season of only four episodes, scheduled for release later this year.



This psychological thriller, inspired by the novel Red Dragon and the infamous character of the serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter, introduces Mads Mikkelsen as the main character. The series was canceled by NBC after its third season due to low ratings, but is still available for streaming. With 39 episodes to keep you busy in the pre-Halloween period, Hannibal follows the story of FBI special investigator Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Dr. Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist with a real hunger for his subjects.



Created for Showtime and Sky, this British-American horror drama took place over three seasons from 2014 to 2016, so you can learn the whole haunting story in its entirety. It is based on public domain characters from 19th-century British and Irish gothic fiction, including Dorian Gray, Abraham Van Helsing, Count Drcula, Dr. Henry Jekyll and Vctor Frankenstein, who provide a perfect setting for imagination and suspense .



best horror series woman

As the third season arrives, we believe it is a great opportunity to see the first two seasons of this horror comedy about a suburban couple in California (played by Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant) who try to live a normal life despite the fact that Sheila ( Barrymore) has become a zombie that eats meat.

If you are looking for blood, gore and great laughs to see, this series will adapt to your tastes very well.



series stranger things movies recommendations black mirror ep 2 17 720x720

With more psychological trauma and less blood and violence, this British science fiction series of anthology may seem too deep for you to watch its episodes one after the other. Want to take some time to immerse yourself in each of the 19 stories of the first four seasons. Each one stands alone, with a unique premise, fascinating characters, and a dark vision of modern society as it explores the worst possible consequences of our dependence on technology.


* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on May 30, 2019.

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