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Finally terminate support for Windows Mobile

To talk about Windows in the section of smartphones is to open old wounds from which one no longer wants to know practically anything. Loved by some and hated by too many, Windows Mobile It started in 2010 and supported its system until it reached Windows 10 with the Lumia 950 XL.

In which we could define how the worst little in the history of Nokia, the operating system left much to be desired. A layer of complicated customization and lack of application development were the factors that led Microsoft to dispense with the system. Currently there are still some users, but Microsoft itself has already recommended these migrate to iOS or Android Due to a simple reason.

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Finally at the end of this year support for Windows 10 Mobile will be terminated. I honestly can't believe they kept throwing patches, even if they were only security. Maybe the number of users demanded them in a certain way or they simply refused to consider the project as lost.

With all this Microsoft has mentioned that you prefer to provide better support to the applications you have within the Google Play and the App Store. So you know, if you know someone who has a Windows Phone, send them our videos so they can decide to renew their paperweight. Did you have a Windows? Tell us your experience in the comment box.


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