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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp present errors for several hours

Social networks have become almost indispensable in our daily lives. Simply when you are not in one you are in another and much of the day we are going in them, whether your work depends on it as in our case or that you like wasting a little time browsing.

And well, yesterday much of the world lost my mind to realize that their networks did not work. Out of nowhere, reports began that Facebook was not working well. Among the problems that may arise is the inability to load the news being very late and when it was finally achieved they were displayed incorrectly.

Up to here everything more or less well, but with the course of the day the problems were not only reported on Facebook,
but they came to Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp
. The inability to
sending messages with voice, image or video content was a constant in all
The platforms Text messages can be sent, but sometimes
They simply did not arrive on time or in the correct order.

Given this, Facebook ruled out that it was a hacking attempt and through Twitter ironically They announced that they were already working on solving the problem.

At the moment the situation seems to have normalized. Last night they were arriving messages or photos delayed on the devices creating a bit of confusion.

In my opinion about this multiple, I can't help thinking that
the same company is to blame and that surely
it is the first tests / errors that are being made for the merger of
messenger apps
of which Mark Zuckerberg owns.

You who think of this situation? Tell us in the comment box below how was this with each of the services, we are reading.

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