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Everything you need to know about Narcos: Netflix Mexico

Did you watch the three seasons of Narcos on Netflix and were left wanting more? Then you have to see Narcos: Mxicode Netlflix, a series that follows the theme of the world of drug trafficking and the modern war that has been unleashed by drugs, but now, focusing on the Mexican cartels. Discover everything we know about this series before its expected release.

Second season

It's been almost a month since the first season of Narcos has been released: Mexico, however, more recently, Netflix not only confirmed that there was a second season, but also released very interesting details about this production.

Diego Luna in the first season of Narcos: MexicoFirst season of Narcos: Mexico Carlos Somonte / Netflix

According to Netflix, the second season of Narcos: Mexico,Produced for Netflix by Gaumont Televisin, he recently started his recordings in Mexico City. But, not only that, it was also announced that the famous actors Diego Luna (Rogue One, And Your Mam Also) and Scoot McNairy (True Detective, Destroyer) will be the protagonists of this Latin series.

Recall that, recently, Diego Luna was nominated for the Critics Choice Award (Best Actor in a Drama Series) for his performance inNarcos: Mexico. In addition, the series also earned a WGA nomination in the episdic drama category.

We hope that more details will be revealed very soon, such as the release date and a possible trailer, to get a more concrete idea of ​​what the second part of this series will bring.

New trailer

Before its premiere, Netlflix showed a preview of the first season ofNarcos: Mexicoto excite potential users to see it. The trailer shows us the fight between "apparently" the biggest drug dealer in Mexico and the DEA agent, Kiki Camarena, who seem to play cat and mouse to meet their goals.

Tell the story

On this occasion, Netflix has decided to move from Colombia to Mexico, to explain through this audiovisual project, the emergence of the Guadalajara Cartel in the 1980s, when Flix Gallardo, played by the renowned actor, Diego Luna, takes command , unifying traffickers to build an empire.

news series narcos mexico netflix season 1 5First season of Narcos: Mexico Carlos Somonte / Netflix

Like the first Narcos seasons, which took place in Colombia, this story not only recounts the point of view of drug traffickers, but also contrasts with the intervention carried out by the DEA group, specifically by an agent very special, played by Michael Pea and whose name is Kiki Camarena.

We will see how this agent spends a lot of time trying to study his objective, Felix Gallardo, to be able to catch him and disintegrate the consolidated criminal group that has been created, although realizing that it is much more difficult than he thought.

Production and cast

Narcos: Mexico It is produced by Gaumont Televisin for Netflix. In addition, it has a recognized and experienced production team, consisting of Eric Newman, Jos Padilha, Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard as Executive Producers.

To make matters worse, this production will feature a cast of renowned stars such as: Aaron Staton, Alejandro Edda, who plays Chapo Guzmn, Alfonso Dosal, Fernanda Urrejola, Joaqun Coso, Manuel Masalva, Teresa Ruiz, among many others.

news series narcos mexico netflix season 1 4First season of Narcos: Mexico Carlos Somonte / Netflix

Remember that Netflix achieved great popularity with the first three seasons of the Narcos series, which told the story and the violence that had been unleashed by one of the leaders of the best-known drug trafficker of all time, Pablo Escobar. However, what really caught the attention and gave a different touch to this story, which is worth noting that has been shown in several audiovisual productions, is that it revealed both the point of view of criminals, as of DEA agents and also develops in English and Spanish is bilinge!

Release date

Netflix announced that the expected new Mexico-focused series of this exitorsa series will be released globally on the platform on November 16.

Narcos: Mexico being available on Netflix to learn a little more about the emergence of drug trafficking in Mexico in the 80s and police intervention Ready to engage with this story?

* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on December 13, 2018.

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