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Everything new on Netflix Spain that arrives in December

Do you live in Spain and do not know what movies or series to watch? Do not worry! As every month, Netflix offers new content to enjoy hours and hours of entertainment. But, if you are looking for something you do not find what you want, then we offer you a list of what is new in Netflix Spain that arrives in December, so you can enjoy family holidays and watching a good series or movie.

So, go preparing the popcorn, settle well and relax because there are series and movies that you will not want to miss.

Without more, we present in the following list all the news that arrives in December and if you are in the United States, do not worry because we also have an article with everything new that you can see, as well as Netflix's new in Mexico.

We start Here we go!

Recommended for December

Sabrina's Hidden World: A Winter's Tale
new from Netflix Mexico

Although since October, you can enjoy the first season of The Hidden World of Sabrina, which recreates the darkest and deepest side of the old Nickelodeon series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, this month, Netflix delight us with a special chapter of this series called A winter tale, due to the upcoming Christmas holidays Being so scary with the other chapters?

the new of netflix espana roma

Roma is a film by director and screenwriter Alfonso Cuarn, which tells the story of Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), a young domestic worker who works for a family in Rome, a middle-class neighborhood in Mexico City. Cuarn makes from memories of his childhood a beautiful love letter addressed to the women who raised him, painting a real and emotional portrait of domestic conflicts and social hierarchy in a bit of political turmoil as was that of the 70s.

the new of netflix espana you

This interesting series is based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, and shows Joe Goldberg (played by Badgley), as a brilliant manager of a bookseller, who tries to make the woman he loves, Beck (Elizabeth Lail), fall in love with l.

Goldberg uses the internet and social networks as his tools to gather the latest details and get closer to her, crossing the thin line of love, to obsession.

Orange is the New Black Fifth season
58273 autosave v1 2 orange is the new black season 4 7

Orange is the New Blackhas returned to Netflix with its fifth season. In total, you will be able to enjoy 13 new episodes that will tell us much more about what happens in the Litchfield prison, with Piper Chapman, and the other characters we have known throughout these years.


Book basedThe devil forced me, from Mexican F.G. Haghenbeck, this series seems to be a supernatural thriller with some comedy, which takes place in Mexico City.

In this story, a young priest asks for the help of a demon hunter and a paranormal expert to look for a kidnapped girl in the underworld of Mexico City.

All the news that arrive in December

December 1st

  • Battle
  • Prison Break Fifth season
  • Digging up Sad Hill
  • Ayotzinapa, the passage of the turtle
  • Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love around the world First season
  • Bobby Robson: More than a manager

3 of December

6th of December

  • Vikings Fifth season
  • Z, the Lost city
  • Sacrifice of Legend

December 7th

  • Dogs Berlin
  • Nailed it Happy holidays!
  • Mowgli: the legend of the jungle
  • The American Meme
  • Remastered: Who killed Jam Master Jay?
  • The supermonsters and the wishing star
  • Free rein: twelve Christmas whinnies
  • Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas
  • Knighfall- First season

December 9

December 10

  • Orange is the new Black Fifth season

December 12th

  • Of many, one
  • Back Street girls Gokusdols-
  • Hitman

December 14th

  • Sabrina's Hidden World: A Winter's Tale
  • Rome
  • The land of the tides
  • Travelers – Third season
  • The Williamson Project
  • The prince of Peoria: the miracle of the Christmas Elk
  • Colony- Second season
  • Cuckoo- Fourth season

December 15

December 16

Dec. 18

  • Ellen Degeneres: Relatable
  • Baki

December 20th

December 21

  • Diablero
  • Blindly
  • Struggle: Szukalski Life and Art
  • The 3 below: Arcadia stories
  • Sirus the Jaeger

December 22th

  • To meet Mr. Banks
  • Disney Malfica
  • Disney- Alice in Wonderland
  • Disny- Oz, a world of fantasy

December 26

  • You
  • Alexa & Katie Season Two

December 30

  • Teen Titans Go! Fourth season

* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on November 30, 2018.

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