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Escape this glido temple with your head and some ingenuity

The escape games had their small boom season in the Android gaming community. We like them even though their moment has partially passed, although many sin of being simple rather shabby repetitions of more famous titles. Faraway 3 Artic Escape does not sin that.

Your mission: to leave an icy temple with convoluted and simple puzzles, find the existing clues in it and emerge victorious towards freedom. Yes, it is true, do not expect a The Room, since it is not a high quality game. But it is worth trying at least.

A temple, a leak and a puzzle, what can go wrong?

Faraway, in its third part already, brings us to an icy temple from which we have to escape. The levels that will follow will put us mental challenges that will test our expertise to get open the doors to freedom, far from this glacial prison. What has been leave by legs of this place where it is very cold.

Escape this icy temple with your head and some ingenuity

The controls are simple. Our character is in first person and with landslides we will have to interact with the elements of the stage. Sliding a lever, a door … the first levels are very simple and do not involve any difficulty.

As we move forward, we will have to solve the puzzles to move on to the next level. To do this, we will just have to check around the map and touch on the objects to see what they can do and how they will help us escape.

Escape this icy temple with your head and some ingenuity

The scenarios are great and we can move through them in sections. We can collect items that will help us in our adventure. Perhaps that has been the most negative point of Faraway 3; its interface is simple and without grace, and although it is useful it is not very intuitive and it will cost us to acclimatize.

To move to the next area we will have to open the door, and for this we will have to explore and investigate around us. There are no enemies or life bars: they are a series of consecutive puzzles that we will have to solve, in the purest style The Room.

A different and worked aesthetic

Escape this icy temple with your head and some ingenuity

In the escapism of Android there is no middle ground: either the games are a disaster as far as graphics are concerned or the Room saga is the absolute queen taking chest of console graphics. Ok, Faraway is not that it is a real graphic bombshell, but we like the 3D shapes worked, which make the whole game feel nice. In addition, the scenarios are quite large but simple, which helps.

In addition, the game is in Spanish and the clues will help us move forward. The puzzles have a difficulty curve that makes them simple and intricate, and taking into account that the game does not have much more, this makes us stay playing more than we would like.

Escape this icy temple with your head and some ingenuity

Although not everything is gold that glitters. The game is available in its base version for free, but if you want to get all levels, lose ads and have unlimited clues You will have to pay 3.29 euros. A figure that depends on you if it is high or low. Although the game seems entertaining enough to pay that amount. Is Faraway 3 Artic Escape a masterpiece? No. Will it satisfy your desire to kill boredom? Totally, and you lose nothing to try.

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