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EMUI 10 will be officially presented in August


These weeks EMUI version 9.1 is already being released, which is coming to several Huawei phones. Although lChinese brand latest details of EMUI 10, the new version that will be based on Android Q. On this version of the layer we have been hearing news for weeks, with the filtering of its first photos. Now we know more about her.

Because we know when will EMUI 10 be presented officially. We will have to wait a few weeks for it to be official, but it promises to be an important launch for the Chinese brand. Since this layer is based on Android Q, as was already known.

It will be at the next developer conference, that Huawei celebrates between August 9 and 11 in China, EMUI 10 will be presented officially. Although the presentation of the layer already has a specific event, which is celebrated on the 9th at 3:20 p.m. local time. So we point this date on the calendar.


While its presentation in is August, there is currently no news about the date on which it will be possible to install on the brand's phones. Surely it is not until September or October when this period opens. But we will have to wait for Huawei to tell us more about it. The event probably knows more.

EMUI 10 will be released for a large part of current phones of the Chinese brand. They are probably the same ones that have obtained EMUI 9.1 these weeks. Although we will have to wait for some confirmation from the company. Meanwhile, the firm is still working on HongMeng OS, which will arrive on new phones.

In any case, we will be Attentive to the news that we know about EMUI 10. The company has not said anything about what news we can expect from this new version of the layer. It seems they are looking to keep the design similar to the current one, but we can expect some new features in it.

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