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Dr. Mario World is a successful download on Android and iOS

Dr. Mario World

Just over a week ago, on July 10, Dr. Mario World was officially launched on Android. A new Nintendo game, which seeks to strengthen its position in the field of mobile phone games. It is a game that the firm has been announcing these past months, seeking to generate expectation towards it, something that has gone well.

A game that we have already analyzed for you. Now I know reveal the first download figures of Dr. Mario World after taking more than a week available for users on Android. It is clear that the game has been received positively, with good figures.

After a week in the market, the game has managed to reach 5 million downloads. In addition, it has already generated an income of $ 500,000 for Nintendo. So Dr. Mario World has had a good arrival in the market. It ranks as the fourth most successful launch for the company so far.

Dr. Mario World

While it is a game already known to many users, there were doubts about the acceptance it would have in this new version for mobile phones. But it remains Of course, the game is supported by users, who have downloaded it massively this first week.

Dr. Mario World has a promising start in its launch to the smartphone market. Nintendo is increasingly interested in this market, so that we can expect various releases from you. Mario Kart Tour is one of them, planned for this summer too.

Therefore, this year is surely one of the studies that earns the most income on mobile phones thanks to its games. So it will be interesting to see how Dr. Mario World downloads are maintained Over the weeks. For now, it seems to be progressing well on Android and iOS.

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