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Discover the best gadgets for an Airbnb home

Are you thinking of renting your house as if it were a hotel to earn extra money? Then, it is important that you take several elements into account, such as: cleaning, having enough lingerie and of course, the best gadgets for an Airbnb house that will allow you to offer a safe, comfortable and modern place to stay.

Would you like to know what are those primary gadgets? You are in luck! Next, we show you a list with the most useful and indispensable.


best gadgets for an Airbnb home

Tenants expect a Wi-Fi connection that offers reliable access to the entire living space (in addition, it is important to connect many of the smart devices that we will mention later). Make sure you have a router that can provide that service and is on and ready to connect. Provide written information to get it started and connect smoothly. However, make sure that the access to the router account is different so that they cannot log in to your configuration.


best gadgets for an Airbnb home

Smart security sensors perform several important functions in your rental home on Airbnb. First of all, we suggest you provide it with one or two leakage sensors that are connected to your phone and can send you alerts if they detect water leaks. This way you have controlled the possible leaks under the washing machine or in the bathroom so that they do not cause damage before they are discovered.

Second, we suggest a smoke detector. This device can not only help detect fires early if they start, but also lets you know if your guests are smoking when they should not do so, which means breaking the agreed rules.

As for security cameras, that's something you must decide on your own. Security cameras inside the house are a bad idea. Guests hate them, they have already been used with dire results by Airbnb tenants before, and you are legally obliged to inform them that they are installed. But an outdoor security camera can add security to the property and help you keep an eye on the comings and goings if you consider it necessary.


best gadgets for an Airbnb home

Smart locks are one of the best devices for a rental on Airbnb. Inside, they can protect rooms where you don't want guests to enter unless absolutely necessary (work or hobby areas, areas with sensitive or expensive devices, etc.). At the front door, they are an excellent way to ensure that the door is always open for your guests and closed for security when necessary … no matter where you are at that time.

Make sure you get a smart door lock that includes the possibility of offering temporary passes from the cell phone to other phones for a specific period of time. Then there is no need to exchange keys with the guests (and all the potential problems that this process may bring). A video intercom may also be a good idea, but it is generally less necessary than a smart lock.


best gadgets for an Airbnb home

It is very likely that your guests have several mobile devices that will need a regular charge. Help them including a charging base with multiple ports of various types that allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time. Everyone appreciate it! Another possibility is that you include a wireless charger large enough to accommodate a few cell phones at the same time.


best gadgets for an Airbnb home

Intelligent heating and thermostat systems, such as the Nest device, have clear advantages for Airbnb rentals. They allow setting temperatures to ensure that the space is comfortable for new guests before they arrive. They also make it possible to monitor the temperature and make sure that it is within a comfortable and normal range and that the tenants do not mess with it too much. Smart thermostats are also good because they adjust automatically based on how and when people move around the house, taking away some work.


best gadgets for an Airbnb home

No matter how busy your guests are, there will be times when they will want to sit and watch TV. If you have a TV, you can make this easier for them by adding an HDMI and / or USB cable. This makes it easier for travelers to connect their own devices and broadcast their favorite shows.

Or you can connect your own TV streaming service, such as Roku Express, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromecast, which offers several streaming options from the best applications (for example, Netflix, HBO, TV tuners for local channels, etc.) . This can be a valuable service that guests will surely appreciate.

Some people also like to include smart speakers with instructions on how to ask them how to get there or how to connect to music devices. However, these devices tend to be unpopular among many guests, who are often concerned about their privacy. Owners often find them disconnected or stored without having used them, so think carefully before including gadgets similar to an Echo device in your rental home.